DigitalSpace Corporation

SimEVA, Extravehicular Activity Training Simulator
for International Space Station Astronauts

SimEVA is being developed by DigitalSpace as a part of the larger SimStation platform at NASA's Ames Research Center, Johnson Space Center, Langley, and the Raytheon company. SimEVA is meant to be a design simulator of astronaut work practices and procedures that can serve to both develop procedures and refresh astronauts prior to carrying out training or the actual procedures in space (aboard Shuttle or International Space Station).

Derived from video captured at NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) at JSC and on-orbit video, photography and using real station CAD models, these simulation environments are being designed to supplement NBL crew training to permit astronauts and mission control to view the procedures virtually with real geometry and lighting consistent with on-orbit activities, and to allow multiple camera angles in the virtual scene and the ability to reconfigure the training procedure sequences on the fly. 3D re-construction of NBL training featuring Control Moment Gyro (CMG) and Remote Power Control Module (RPCM) change-out procedures for the International Space Station are featured below.

Find more about this application on our white paper on SimEVA and final report on the 2004 SBIR Phase 1 project for the work.