Collaborating Partner Institutions:

Collaborating individuals:
Collaborators: Daria Dorosh, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
Steve DiPaola, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
Digital Space Commons, Bruce Damer & Galen Brandt, facilitators


New! Siggraph paper on Ratava's line!

Simon Fraser University Original RATAVA'S LINE Website

Reflections on RATAVA'S LINE by Daria Dorosh

New: Chronicle of Education Story (by Jeff Young, May 30, 2003)

Powerpoint Presentation
RATAVA'S Line Presentation-HTML version
RATAVA'S Line Presentation-PowerPoint

Movies of the Live Event (screen captures, courtesy Al Lundell)
DSL/Broadband Realplayer movie
Modem Realplayer movie

Backstory of the Event

Pose-Ah magazine story

Entry points to Main Event Room
"runway world" and portals to other worlds
(requires Adobe Atmosphere, Windows and Internet Explorer)

Runway world
(hosted at SFU)
Runway world (hosted at Digital Space)

FIT Student Sketches

FIT Student Outfits

FIT Student Web Pages

FIT Student 3D Atmosphere Galleries
(requires Adobe Atmosphere, Windows and Internet Explorer)


FIT Student Reflections on RATAVA'S LINE

Event Pictures from FIT & SFU

FIT Event Documentation Photos (preparation)
FIT: The Big Day (4-5:30pm on April 23, 2003)
FIT: The Evening Event (on April 23, 2003)
SFU: Team Pictures

Screen Captures of Online Worlds and Webcams

Event Poster

Red Poster

Women's Wear Daily Story (at Digital Space)
WWD Story on site (needs password)
Jeff Young's story in the Chronicle of Higher Education (May 30, 2003)

Movies Shown at Event
Quicktime of poser5 lady in dress
Quicktime of poser5 cloth technology

Presenters and Cooperating Institution Sites
Ken Perlin's emotive moving actors site
Steve DiPaola's portfolio page
Digital Space Commons site
Adobe Atmosphere
Atmospherians, the Atmosphere community source
Shima Seiki's WholeGarment Knitting

Other Project Resources

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