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News Update: WorldsAway is now VZones

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The VZones Dreamscape originally developed by Fujitsu has redefined what it means to be sociable on the Internet. Within a thriving community inhabiting a magical world called The Dreamscape, you can experience a virtual community like no other. Wheel and deal in the virtual economy until you can afford a place of your own. Game, gab, party in VZones, the Mardi Gras of avatars!

Get It!
Download VZones From: The VZones Home Page
Size of download: approx 4.2 MB (additional art may be downloaded)
Available to all Internet users
Hard disk resources: approx 12 Megs
Platforms Supported: MacOS, Win95/98/2000
Setup: Simple, self installing EXE file
Cost: See pricing here.
What goes on there
VZones is a vibrant virtual society with its own economy (you can earn virtual tokens, buy from vending machines and even rent your own apartment). Also while in VZones you can join group games including bingo, and engage plenty of other social antics. Avatar costuming is a favorite with people sporting wilder heads than seen at New Orleans Mardi Gras. Citizen organizations, such as the Duckolytes are always there to help and may even elect you to office. With plenty of props like confetti and balloons, martinis and exotic gifts, and much jumping and stomping, the avatars of VZones know how to party! You can even attend their real world gatherings, held at cities on regular intervals. So come and join the VZones community, and remember, don't get too excited and lose your head!

What You Will Experience
In VZones

WorldsAway 2
Newbie Gras celebration
WorldsAway 1
VZones one year anniversary celebration
WorldsAway 7
Buying from a Vendo
WorldsAway 5
Bingo game in action
WorldsAway 3
Dream to fly
WorldsAway 6
Avatar Love

VZones Hot and Useful Sites

Fun areas in the Dreamscape

Visit Nu Yu for a complete makeover

The Nu Yu is a big area of vending machines where you can buy a whole new look. Select from a wide choice of bodies, heads, accessories, and sprays. You better have a good pocketful of change before going to Nu Yu, because makeovers can be expensive and they don't accept charge cards here!
Meditation Park is an area I have been told about but have never visited. I will leave that one for you to discover.

Official VZones home pages

Find the VZones Home Page, signup and download at: http://www.vzones.com

Press Blab about VZones

WiRED magazine's article about Metaworlds at: http://www.hotwired.com/wired_online/4.06/metaworlds/index.html

Unofficial Citizen Pages

The WorldsAway Members' WebRing has over 80 pages on WA to visit!
Fantasus Kingdom is the place to plan your wedding, party and other event in VZones (Kymer/Phantasus in the Dreamscape)
Au Fait Today is another zine about Life in Worlds Away, featuring the members of Match.com, the avatars of VZones, and Club Connect.)
Avatar Identities, thoughts on Virtual Identity and Pizza Noses by NONOBADKITTY
WOOLWORSE at WorldsAway the Kymer shop central!
See the original WorldsAway yellow pages at GermanGiant's WorldsAway page

Broken Links

SS Chang's WorldsAway page at: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Doggie_Wings/wapage.htm
CosmoCat's final resting place, the story of a beloved citizen of the Dreamscape at: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/cosmocat/
Oracle Oddities is another great site about Oracles and their sometimes nefarious lives!
Saber's Cyber Site at: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/sabertooth/
Steve Hall's WorldsAway pages at: http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/steve04/
C'est Sage, a page about VZones en Francais (in French) at: http://www.lemonde.fr/multimedia/sem2496/textes/enq24962.html
Don't miss the wonderful Bridge of Dreams Zine and community center for the Dreamscape!
Kymer Clarion is a great zine about life in WA worlds.
The WorldsAway member list at: http://www.worldsaway.com/Members/. This is a very useful compendium of email addresses and web pages of WorldsAway community members. You can also register yourself into this 'telephone directory' for WorldsAway.
Where Worlds Collide, a C|Net review of WorldsAway and other virtual worlds at: http://zeppo.cnet.com/Content/Features/Dlife/Chat/side3.html

No Longer Available:
Avatar Communities Forum on

Click on [GO:AVATARS] to enter the Forum. This contains live chat, newsgroups, downloads of pictures, writings and game plug ins for VZones. When you enter the Community Forum, look for the following topic areas:

Library: software and news groups for VZones
Conference: for live "offworld" chat on various VZones subject
Messages: lists posted messages from such VZones users groups as WA Internationale, for non-English speaking users of VZones

The WorldsAway Members Webring
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