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Traveler Communities brought to you by the Digital Space Commons is one of the most exciting revolutions to hit the Internet. Talk in your own voice to other people represented as fantastic lip-synching avatars. Travel through breathtaking 3D worlds and experience life as an avatar. Traveler brings you the future face of cyberspace!  

Launch of the new Digital Space Traveler client (April 2003)

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Download Digital Space Traveler From: http://www.digitalspace.com/traveler and visit the Community Directory and Documentation.
Contact us at: our Webmaster
Size of download:
approx 1.7 Megs
Hard disk resources: approx 13 Megs
Platforms Supported: Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Requires sound card, microphone and speakers
Setup: Simple, self installing EXE file
Cost: Free free free!
Servers can be provided to nonprofit and research projects at low or no cost, servers are available for paid license for commercial uses on a per project basis.
Contact us at: our Webmaster

Find a partial listing of Traveler communities at Traveler Community Directory and Documentation.


What happens there
When you have your own voice and can hear others, it is surprising what you can do! From name that tune to jam sessions across continents, Traveler citizens do much more than a virtual talk show. Because avatars make body contact (you can hear and feel someone bumping you), avatar sports such as sumo wrestling, football and basketball have been created. Explore the beautiful landscapes of Traveler worlds such as OzGate, World Wide Party and Travelers-Network

What You Will Experience
Journeying with Traveler

Onlive Traveler Scene
Traveler in Action


Voce 1

Voce 2

Scenes the VOCE at Earth to Avatars 1996
Phil Harrington, Paul Godwin and Kevin George and his CyGaia crew hold their fabulous VOCE experience in Traveler. Avatars gather in the virtual world and are seen on a giant screen. Together, they exchange song, drums and the seven chakras live with a circle of friends seated at a live event. As the pictures above show, the combined voice of the group emanates through one avatar while other people in-avatar draw near to listen and join in song.

Traveler Hot Worlds and Communities

Some recent Traveler Site Highlights

Official Traveler Pages

DigitalSpace's official Traveler Communities Home Page is at: http://www.digitalspace.com/traveler/. (get traveler here)

Find JM's full and dynamic listing of Traveler communities, server status, and real-time inhabitants on DigitalSpace's website at Traveler Community Directory and Documentation..

Just learning Traveler? Check out the Book chapter and user guide on Traveler

Directories of Traveler Worlds

Find our full and dynamic listing of Traveler communities, server status, and real-time inhabitants on DigitalSpace's website at Traveler Community Directory and Documentation.

Comprehensive list of Traveler sites including daily server status at Fast±Eddie's Fast Links

Active Traveler Communities


OzGate is hosted in West Virginia (with USA and European servers) by the dedicated and skillful Oz and his crew.  Exciting 3D rooms make it a wonderful place to be. OzGate's homepage can be found at http://www.ozgate.com

World Wide Party

Another great community, this time oriented towards the younger, music-hip set, World Wide Party sometimes features music events and disc jockies. This world is hosted by Aqua. Find World Wide Parties homepage at: http://www.worldwideparty.net

Travelers Network

The newest Traveler community and the first one established in the "DigitalSpace" caretakership. See it at: http://travelersnetwork.net/

Other Hot Traveler Web Pages

Citizen Pages

Purple Tears has been a community leader and world designer par excellence for years, see her work at http://www.prpletears.com.

http://www.travelerministries.com is Steve Turner's Christian/Chaplin space for the community.

Press and other Blurbs

Shift.com story mentioning Traveler (by Jeremy Turner)

Ali Ebtekar's page on Traveler (key Traveler designer)

Blackout's box on Traveler

Dead Links :(

Former comprehensive list of Traveler sites including entry teleport links at Traveler Worlds Alliance and its Traveler Web Ring.
OLGate was a former Traveler community community hosted at Silvercities.

Boulder was a wonderful, friendly community hosted in Boulder, Colorado.  It contained some the best audio in Traveler along with innovative uses to the Traveler technology. It was at: http://www.m1e.com/onlive/

Turbo had a great community at http://members.home.net/onlive.

Utopia was Traveler's original community. From Utopia you can travel out and explore different areas and worlds, including the orignal entry plaza, mystic ruins at Stonehenge or the wacky Duckworld. Utopia was formerly hosted at the U.T. Austin ACTLab.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a server setup based on their Alltel Stadium in downtown Jacksonville. Used to be att http://onlive.jacksonville.net/jag_web/speakout/onlive/

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