Avatar Teleport Avatars!
A Milestone Internet book: introducing Avatar Cyberspace to a mass audience



By Bruce Damer

Available at book stores everywhere

Launch yourself into Avatar Cyberspace with this landmark book. Choose your Avatar (your representation in Cyberspace) and enter virtual worlds from your home PC. Each chapter will provide you with step by step guides to the most popular virtual worlds including: AlphaWorld, Worlds Chat, The Palace, Onlive!, WorldsAway, OZ Virtual, Virtual Places, V-Chat, Comic Chat, IDMoo, Utopia, the Seven Wonders of VRML, and gaming worlds like Meridian 59, CyberPark, and The Realm.

What is the book about?
the Avatar Teleport

Learn how to live and build in digital space. This book features fun lessons in building your own digital homestead, designing your own avatar, proper social netiquette to make you truly hip on the virtual street, and a look at commercial and educational applications of virtual worlds. What is the next big thing? People seen on the Internet! Get there first with Avatars!

MSRP $39.95, includes a CD-ROM and access to a companion Web site packed with virtual worlds software for Windows and the Internet.

ISBN: 0-20168840-9
Available in book stores everywhere
Format: paperback, 552 pages, includes color inserts and CD-ROM with virtual worlds software

Published by Peachpit Press, an imprint of Addison Wesley Longman

Order Avatars! online and find it in book stores everywhere or call Peachpit directly to order or for information about educational discounts at: 1 (800) 283-9444

Author Bruce Damer is available for interviews. Contact the author through Hannah Onstad at Peachpit press, (510) 548-4393.

Bruce Damer is a key pioneer of Avatar Cyberspace, having co-founded the Contact Consortium, the leading forum for the emergence of this new medium. Find the Consortium at http://www.ccon.org. Bruce conceived and helped produce the first conference on Internet Virtual Worlds: Earth to Avatars 96, held in San Francisco in October 1996. Bruce has written and spoken widely on the subject of virtual community, with coverage in the major media including: print, radio, TV and On-line. Bruce is also President and CEO of DigitalSpace Corporation (http://www.digitalspace.com), architecting virtual environments for corporate, educational and scientific use. Bruce created the Nerves technology, used in projects such as Biota.org (http://www.biota.org) to simulate living organisms in VRML2 and let children play in a virtual garden. Nerves is being developed as a kind of "protoplasm of cyberspace".

This flyer, cover art, and interior art by Roger Zuidema and Steven Hanly.

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