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WorldsAway and the Dreamscape FAQ

Guide to the WorldsAway and Dreamscape FAQ

WorldsAway Guidelines for Community-Oriented Behavior

How long does it take to download WorldsAway and get started in the Dreamscape?

How do I prevent vandalism or theft of my property?

Special social conventions in the Dreamscape

What to do if you can't download WorldsAway using your CompuServe account

WorldsAway is taking up a lot of disk space, what is happening, and what can I do?

WorldsAway Guidelines for Community-Oriented Behavior

(Reprinted here with permission by Fujitsu Software Corporation)

Introduction to guidelines

These Guidelines are provided to help make using the WorldsAway communities a positive experience for all members. The WorldsAway Dreamscape and the WorldsAway Community Forum are presented by Fujitsu Cultural Technologies, and made available on CompuServe. The WorldsAway Guidelines for Community-Oriented Behavior is Fujitsu Cultural Technologiesí supplement to the CompuServe Operating Rules and Service Agreement Terms as they apply to the WorldsAway communities.

Fujitsu Cultural Technologies retains the right to modify these guidelines at any time, without prior notice. Interpretation of the guidelines are at the discretion of Fujitsu Cultural Technologies. We reserve the right to revoke access to the WorldsAway services at any time, without prior notice. By choosing the proceed button at the bottom of this document, you agree to follow these guidelines.

Introduction to the WorldsAway Dreamscape and the WorldsAway Community Forum

WorldsAway is not a game; it is real life, lived through avatars in a virtual on-line community. The avatars you will meet in the Dreamscape are real people, not programmed game opponents. The Dreamscape and the Community Forum provide an opportunity to explore and experiment with our social skills while enjoying the community found there. This exploration, however, should not come at the cost of the other community membersí enjoyment.

WorldsAway provides you with on-line virtual worlds which are much more than a collection of people or a virtual chat room. The Dreamscape and the WorldsAway Community Forum are a living and growing community. The Dreamscape has its own culture, stories, and taboos. The WorldsAway Community Forum provides members with a means of text-based communications and technical support relating to the Dreamscape. The Dreamscape and the Community Forum are under separate management, interpretation, and application of any guidelines or rules. So they may differ on certain issues.

As with any visit to a new community, on-line or real-world, We suggest you proceed cautiously as you become familiar with your surroundings, the communityís societal and cultural aspects, and specific to the Dreamscapeóyour new self. We offer you these guidelines to help ease your move to this new on-line home, and to help current community members welcome new residents. We hope that new members will learn from their mistakes and share their knowledge with others.

Being a valued member of the community

WorldsAway offers its Dreamscape and Community Forum residents an opportunity to be a valued member of a thriving community. Individual voices and diverse backgrounds from around the world meld together to form a unique cultural blend.

As with anyoneís participation in their own community, each memberís experience can be very different. The citizens of the Dreamscape and the Community Forum strive to provide a friendly, supportive atmosphere where avatars may comfortably explore unfamiliar roles and expand their circle of friends. WorldsAway is a place for everyone to enjoy. We promote an atmosphere of genuine concern for our members, where open, honest exchange is encouraged. Like any community, you will find that the residents will do whatís necessary to make their homes comfortable to the majority of residents and visitors.

Remember, weíre all human

The most important thing to remember at all times, in this or any on-line community, is the person behind the machine. Just as you sit at your keyboard, communicating with other community residents through your on-line persona, there are real human beings all over the world communicating in the same manner. Approach others online with the same courtesy and respect that would be expected in real life. Always remember that on-line actions can have real-world effects, so think for a momentówhat would I do if we were face-to-face?

Consider the feelings of those other people in all you say and do. Respect othersí requests to refrain from behavior that they or others may find offensive, and be forgiving of othersí mistakes. Take care to show consideration and respect, and treat others as you would have them treat you. Think before you speak or act, or you may make mistakes that will prevent you from making friends and becoming a part of the community After all, being a part of the community is what this world is all about. Just because you *can* do something, doesnít mean you *should*.


The majority of human communications are non-verbal. Remember that through this electronic medium, much of what you wish to communicate may not come across through words alone. Very often, a different life or a different language can add a different meaning to the words or expressions you use or hear. Make the extra effort to understand anotherís meaning or point of view.

Before you speak, think, and refrain from obscene or offensive language. This applies to any public situationóon the streets, or in the shops of the Dreamscape, in conference rooms, in a public message, or the name you choose in any location. Remember that typing in all caps is SHOUTING, use *asterisks* or _underlines_ to emphasize a word, or use your words alone to convey the emotions.

Avoid unsolicited or repetitive attempts to communicate, especially should the receiver not respond, or request that you cease. In person, you might say excuse me, or some appropriate introduction before interrupting, or before speaking to a stranger. Consider doing the same for on-line, e-mail, and conversations. Disturbance of the general peace and public slander (insults or attacks) are inappropriate. Remember, community members will find ways to condemn actions they feel are inappropriate; they may work to assimilate you if they feel you have potential, but you may be ostracized if not. Recognize too, that you may encounter sexually explicit language and conduct. For more information on what you can do to make your and othersí on-line experiences more positive, and suggestions on what you can do to counteract offensive behavior, please see the file, Dealing with On-Line Harassment in the WorldsAway Community Forum Help Desk Library (#1).

Adults and minors

Recognize that the WorldsAway Communities bring together people of all ages. Follow traditionally accepted rules governing contact between peers, and between adults and minors (anyone under 18). These include restraints on language and behavior, and respect for privacy. Traditionally accepted rules prohibit improper overtures, sexual activity, and prying questions in exchanges between adults and minors. With on-line interactions, it is difficult to know with whom you are truly interacting.

If there are minors who have access to your account, we strongly suggest that you and your family read, ìChild Safety on the Information Highway,î available from the WorldsAway Community Forum Help Desk Library (#1). This article was jointly produced by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Interactive Services Association. Written by Lawrence J. Magid, it provides many helpful ideas in helping young adults have a positive on-line experience.

You may wish to bar others using your account from the WorldsAway Dreamscape or Community Forum, including members of your household. CompuServe offers a Parental Control Center where you can learn how to set password-protected controls for CIS and the Internet. GO CONTROL has more information.

Respect one another and respect the service

Please respect the rules; others with whom you share the service are the staff members who work hard to provide you with and improve upon these services. Adherence to these guidelines will help to make everyoneís use of the service a positive experience.

Personal accountability

You must recognize your own responsibility in having access, and allowing others access, to your accounts. The person to whom the account is registered is ultimately responsible for any actions from their account.

Use of this service is a privilege, not a right

Ultimately, use of the service is a privilege, not a right, and those privileges can be revoked at the service providerís discretion. Failure to comply with the guidelines detailed here can lead to warnings or denial of access to your account(s) and the WorldsAway service(s), either temporarily or permanently.

Where to go for more information

How long does it take to download WorldsAway and get started in the Dreamscape?

WorldsAway is large (14MB) and could take from 40 minutes to well over an hour to download using a 28.8 kbps modem. WorldsAway may update itself with new artwork when you first connect, and this could take another 5 to 30 minutes. Downloading WorldsAway through the Internet directly may take less time than through CompuServe. Many users only have CompuServe, and cannot take advantage of this.

WorldsAway may be provided on the CD-ROM that you used to set up your CompuServe account. Check to see if you can install WorldsAway from the CD-ROM before trying to download it.

How do I prevent vandalism or theft of my property?

If you are carrying money or objects in your hand, put them away to discourage swift-talking street traders from approaching you for a deal you canít refuse. If you place something down in a public area (outside your own turf) anyone can pick it up and you will have no prior claim and recourse beyond pleading on the finderís good will. Lastly, you should be very careful of who you invite to your turf and never give the password to your turf to someone you donít completely trust.

Special social conventions in the dreamscape

See Appendix B: Netiquette, the Worlds Manners Guide for more tips on behavior in WorldsAway and any other world. The following are some specific good rules of thumb for WorldsAway.

As you often walk through screens to get somewhere, it is good form to say, ìJust Passin..î while you go through a crowded area, so other people know that they need not greet you. Traveling as a ghost often helps alleviate this problem, and is much faster, too!

If nature calls, or you have to leave your computer for a few minutes or more, it is good form to turn your avatar around and stand him or her with their back to the screen.

Donít steal…give back! This is a very good rule of thumb: if someone puts an object down and you pick it up, ask if you can have it, or if the person wants it back. Donít pocket something if it was not specifically given to you. Above all, if someone gives you access to their turf, do not remove anything without their permission. If you do leave a gift in someoneís turf, it is a good idea to let them know who the giver was, unless you want to remain an anonymous admirer!

What to do if you can't download WorldsAway using your CompuServe account

If you are unable to download WorldsAway using your CompuServe account, and can still get to the Internet through another service, try downloading it directly from the WorldsAway Web site at

WorldsAway is taking up a lot of disk space. What is happening, and what can I do?

When you log into WorldsAway, it sometimes downloads new artwork. If you have been using WorldsAway for a long time, new versions of the software may not need older artwork. One option is to install a brand new version into a new folder, make sure you have your avatar, name and immigration into the new version all set up, then delete the folder where the previous copy of WorldsAway and all its files was. This might save on disk space by getting rid of unused files.

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