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Gullibleís Travels Through the Dreamscape

New friends in the Starway CafÈ

Figure 8.42: wa3c.jpg
Check out the view at the Starway CafÈ.

If you take the time to really explore the city, you will meet so many great people along the way. As you collect new friends, add them to your Friends list. I met someone I really enjoyed talking to in the Star Way CafÈ, shown in the preceding figure. I added this person by selecting the File menu and choosing Friends List. The Friends List (in the following figure) will give you a list of avatar names of people who are currently using the Dreamscape. You can pick out the name of a new friend and add it to your Friends List. The Friends List is great; you can ESP everyone on the list when you come into the Dreamscape to find out who among your friends is around.

Figure 8.43: wa4f.jpg
Select the Friends List from the File menu.

Bingo, games, and other add-ons

Figure 8.44: wa3n.jpg
A bingo game; now thatís more my style!

Well, I finally did it; I got into one of those games in the Dreamscape. This time it was bingo in the CompuServe version of WorldsAway. This is more my style! I could see everyone else playing (by the calling of letters and numbers, and the occasional Bingo!) but then I discovered that the bingo game itself was a separate program you had to download. The others told me I could go off to the WorldsAway area (GO AWAY under CompuServe), enter the Community Forum, and there I would find libraries of software for WorldsAway. So, I found the bingo game, downloaded it onto my hard disk (CompuServe places it in its own folder called Download), then I double-clicked on the file bingo1.exe, which starts the game right alongside WorldsAway. Whenever the bingo caller (who in this case was Cinnamon Cupc@ke, the girl avatar between Mr. Duck and Mr. Macho Cowboy) typed out the letter-number sequences, I could press the Auto button and my bingo squares would be colored red. It took me a little while to learn the ropes, but I eventually won at bingo!

There are many other games and add-ons to WorldsAway which have been created by citizen-programmers. I encourage you to ask others about them, and give them a try! Virtual worlds like WorldsAway are mainly used by people to socialize or create things together. Gaming worlds like the Realm and Meridian 59 were designed as games, but they have a lot of social interaction between the fist and knife fights (ìexcuse me, but I must interrupt this story of our lives to go and fight that dragon over thereî).

Web touring

Figure 8.44.1: wa8a.jpg
Web Touring in the Internet Version of WorldsAway

One of the best features of the Internet version of WorldsAway is that you can host web tours. To do this, just click on your avatar, pick Web Tour and then select Start Web Tour. Everyone in the room will see a message that a web tour is starting and click on your avatar to join (by selecting Web Follow this Avatar from the popup menu). You will get your web browser window and then be able to visit web pages. Other WorldsAway users will see these same pages displayed in their web browsers. You can end a tour at any time by clicking on your avatar and selecting Stop Web Tour.

Web touring is a great social activity. It gives you a chance to show off your favorite sites or your own creative work. Another virtual world that has this Web touring capability is Virtual Places, described in a later chapter.

Nu Yu has a whole new wardrobe

Figure 8.45: wa3h.jpg
I choose a body spray to change the color of my shirt.

A Texas fashion consultant with a teddy bear really helped do me up, forever leaving plain-Jane on memory lane. Today, it was a trip to the Nu Yu, where I could pick up body sprays, the quickest and cheapest makeover in Kymer.

Figure 8.46: wa3i.jpg
Spray it on…and get a whole new look!

Choosing a violet body spray for only 15T, I clicked on myself and applied it to my top. Next, I got rid of those khaki pants forever by buying a blue spray and turning them into blue jeans. My host approved, and took me outside to dry. I sold the partly used spray canisters to the pawn broker.

Figure 8.47: wa5e.gif
Get a head!
Here are just some of the avatar head choices in the Dreamscape.

Elsewhere in the Nu Yu, you will find vendos (vending machines) selling new heads. The preceding figure shows just some of the hundreds of choices of heads available here. Heads can be expensive, so save your tokens before you get your hands on that vendo lever! Remember that you should never give your head to anyone, no matter what they say they will do for you. This was one of the earliest scams in the Dreamscape. It was a crying shame, seeing all those headless avatars wandering around. No one would talk to them; they might as well have been wearing a dunce cap.

Turfs: a place of ones own!

This is the story of a man named Jim Duckolyte and a woman named Stayce Jaye, and their family of six little Duckolyte avatars! Well, so it isnít the Brady Bunch. But if you grew up in the ë70s, and are none too happy that you canít afford a house and a baby-sitter for your six kids, then a piece of the virtual turf may be the best you can hope for. So, this is the story of Jim and Stayce from Utah, who have a cute little two-room turf (apartment) at the Temple Street Terrace apartments in Phantasus (maybe along with 6 beautiful little ducklings)

Figure 8.48: wa6d.jpg
Duckolyte Jim and Stayce Jaye have a little two-room turf (apartment).

Meet our couple, Duckolyte Jim and Stayce Jaye, a real-life, virtual- life couple.

Figure 8.49: wa6e.jpg
Hereís the entrance to the Temple Street Terrace apartments.

This is where they live, the Temple Street Terrace apartments in Phantasus City.

Figure 8.50: wa6g.jpg
Stayce and Jim stand at the elevator to their own turf.

We are in the lobby of the apartment building, about to take the elevator up. Stayce and Jim must go up first, go into their turf, and then invite me to come up. This is like one of those fancy apartment buildings in New York City. You cannot even go up in the elevator without an appointment.

Figure 8.51: wa6f.jpg
I Click on the elevator to go up to Jim and Stayceís.

I click on the elevator, put in the name of their apartment, and go on up.

So shall ye give shall ye receive

Figure 8.52: wa6b.jpg
In the turf with Stayce, I see so much stuff, and it isnít even Christmas yet!

Jim and Stayceís two-room apartment is just filled with stuff! It looks like a living room on Christmas afternoon. Their combined stuff, including nifty floating balloons, sure took this newbie by surprise. Stayce said most of the stuff was hers and Jimís, bought with tokens, or given as gifts. I turned red with embarrassment when I realized I had not brought a gift (a must-do in Duckolyte and WorldsAway society, after all this worlds was made in Japan!).

You can easily give something to someone. Just click on yourself and take something from your pocket. When you have something in hand, you can just click on someone elseís avatar and give it to them. They will be given a notice that you have given them an object. Once, I was standing next to someone, and they put down a heavy chest they were carrying. I bent down and opened the chest to see what was inside. I picked up a soccer ball (football for the world outside of the U.S. and Canada). The owner of the trunk said, ìOh, can you please give this back to me when you are done.î

I then realized I could have just walked off with it. I wanted to be honest and well-thought-of in my new world, so I dutifully gave it back to him, whereupon he said, ìyou are honest; for that you can have the ball.î I was very thankful, and told him it was the first thing I had been given in Kymer. Off to the right start the virtual world.

My own turf…but can I afford the rent?

Figure 8.53: wa3a.jpg>
Iím at the managerís office inquiring about turfs.

Well, I was so excited about turfs that I hoofed it over to the managerís office to inquire about rentals. As you can see, rentals can be pretty stiff for a newbie like me. I will just have to keep visiting that ATM machine, or maybe set up a bingo parlor of my own.

Avatar affection

Figure 8.54: wa3o.jpg
You can give someone a big hug, through their avatar!

You will really meet some nice people. This is not a shoot-em-up world, and when you come back, people will remember what you did last time. You will be surprised at how many people you will run into time and time again. And if you feel like it, you can give them a big hug. This is usually done by standing face to face (click on yourself and select Turn until you are right around), and then typing in something like (((hugs))) or ((((((((HUGS))))))))) if you feel really affectionate toward someone. Of course, you should ask them if you can do this beforehand or they might think they are being avabused or worse, avattacked!

Figure 8.55: wa2q.jpg
Love at first sight?

Is there true love in the Dreamscape? Its no rumor, there have been hundreds of virtual weddings here. I know of one wedding that was carried out in the real world at the same time! According to reports, on Valentineís Day 1996, groom Joseph Perling, with his laptop computer in lap sitting on Venice Beach, California, was wed to Victoria Vaughn, who was logged in from Hollywood. The groomís father, the Reverend R. John Perling presided over the ceremony from his church in Beverly Hills. Their friends and other non-invited guests jacked in from all over the country and the world to witness the ceremony and join in the festivities. Of course, the couple knew each other in person and now live together, but like the wedding in AlphaWorld (also covered in this book), virtual worlds are providing a glorious means of bringing people together.

Rumor also has it that people get married in WorldsAway even though they are married to entirely different people in RL (real life)! There are even professional wedding decorators in the Dreamscape who will set up everything you need from the altar to wedding dresses to confetti.

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