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Avatars book readers! Your version of Active Worlds on the book CD-ROM will no longer work, please download the new Active Worlds version from http://www.activeworlds.com

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Run, don't walk to download the Active Worlds Browser and begin exploring and building in AlphaWorld and the Active Worlds universe. With Active Worlds, you can homestead your very own place in Cyberspace! Visit this huge complex of cityscapes straight out of Snowcrash and join in the fun with some of 300,000 other registered citizens and tourists. The avatar block party is 24 hours a day at AlphaWorld ground zero! Jack in to the metaverse Active Worlds Browser! Activeworlds.com is the owner and developer of Active Worlds.

Get It!
Download Active Worlds Browser from: http://www.activeworlds.com
Size of download: approx 2.0 MB
Hard disk resources: approx 20 to hundreds of Megs (depending on your travels)
Platforms Supported: Windows 95/98, NT
Macintosh (under Windows emulation) specs:
PowerMac G3 with 80 MB of RAM (or more) ( 604 at 132 MHz or better) Mac OS 8.1 (or better) SoftWindows 95 or 98 version 5.0.4 (or better) with at least 54 MB of RAM allocated to SW (tested, it works!).

Setup: Simple, self installing EXE file
Cost: Enter as a tourist for free, pay $20 per year for building privileges and custom avatars, you can also buy a server and host own world

What happens there
In the Active Worlds virtual cityscapes you can interact with other citizens through text chat and build as easy as using Lego. And some of the Active Worlds universe's tens of thousands of users have filled a huge space with over sixty million objects! Active Worlds have other features, including music and sound effects, letting you jam and dance with avatars that can move through articulation. The Contact Consortium and its members even built a town in Active Worlds called Sherwood Forest and hosted an architecture competition in our virtual university, called TheU and the third annual avatars conference, Avatars98, within Active Worlds. Explore the web of over 500 Active Worlds such as Metropolis, Yellowstone Park, and even try the runs on a ski hill with gravity that works!

Some snapshots from
Active Worlds

Active Worlds 2
Click here to see a wedding in AlphaWorld
Active Worlds 5
NASA Mission Control live shuttle mission

Active Worlds 4
How about Skiing!

Active Worlds 1
"High altitude" view of the center of AlphaWorld
Active Worlds 3
Dancing to the music at ground zero

Active Worlds Hot and Useful Sites

Active Worlds are evolving many new services all the time. We suggest you check out the AWCOMMUNITY and other sites (listed below) to get news about AlphaWorld and other worlds.

Active Worlds Official Sites

Home of Active Worlds Activeworlds.com

Download your new release of the Active Worlds Browser

Get an introduction to the Active Worlds community here

Active Worlds Unofficial Citizen Sites

Active Worlds Universes, Worlds, and Community Sites

Explore OuterWorlds, a brand new AW Universe full of beautifully designed worlds, games, and a supportive and growing citizenry!

The hub of all AW citizenry, the AWCOMMUNITY site at http://www.awcommunity.org
New World Times, the original AW newspaper, see an example of it at: http://www.synergycorp.com/nwt/nwt2.htm
The largest web resource for Active Worlds is the Official Webring, explore the community through this resource.

SW City, a large city populated with PHP-driven non player characters and a virtual nation state of towns.

Active Worlds Projects
The Contact Consortium Projects for Avatars98 and Sherwood Forest and TheU Virtual University
Active Worlds meet the movies, see the gallery from research prototypes for Star Trek and Star Wars.
Tour virtual bookstores at DigitalSpace's Virtual Bookstores.

Note: many of the links below may no longer be working, they could possibly be found by entering them into the WayBackMachine at The Internet Archive.

Active Worlds Citizen Information Services
Dataman's Active Worlds and other Links
AlphaWorld Discussion Center Home Page
AlphaWorld Atlas Home Page
Teleport to AlphaWorld with this map from the Fabulous Alphaworld Mapper

AlphaWorld Police Department
NetGuy's AlphaWorld Police Department (an unofficial volunteer group)
AWPD Rookie's AlphaWorld Report on King Punisher
Other AlphaWorld Information from the AWPD

Other Citizen Sites
The largest web resource for Active Worlds is the Official Webring, explore the community through this resource(list the sites) and also see our webring link at the bottom of this page.
Fantasy Page of Tomas and Janka Wedding in AlphaWorld
Tazunu's Alpha World page

Articles and Bulletins
Online Magazine's AlphaWorld Stories a historic interview with Ron Britvich, original programmer of AW
Sherwood Towne Architectural Bulletin by Stuart Gold "VR in the Vernacular" July 1996

Citizen IRL (in-person) gatherings
July 23-26, 1998:
Was The Reunion
The first international IRL (In Real Life) of Active Worlds avatar citizens. A seminal event for virtual worlds, held at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. More Reunion events will be coming up soon!


Active Worlds Web Ring
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