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Avatars98, the first conference ever held inside Cyberspace, produced by Digital Space, read our story of Avatars98 DATAFUSION World, a vision of the future in networked business collaboration fans addressing Terence McKenna during a live webcast and powwow inside a custom world built by Digital Space

What is a Virtual World?

You may be familiar with the term virtual community, which often refers to a group of people communicating with each other through computer networks. A virtual world is the cyber-space inhabited by virtual communities. In the past these spaces were simply built with text or documents. MUDs, chat rooms, conferencing systems and web worlds are examples of these. Today, virtual worlds are becoming visible, and dramatic two and three dimensional graphical landscapes are fast spreading across the net.

Avatars gathering at a conference A virtual university meeting room Virtual worlds are inhabited by a great variety of virtual communities. In these worlds, community members are represented as avatars, the name for a digital embodiment of a person in cyberspace. Starting in early 1995, virtual worlds of many types burst upon the scene. While some of these worlds are used for gameplay or simple chat, others are being used for serious applications.

Biology learning garden world Avatars in voice conversation Avatars and virtual worlds transform the experience of Cyberspace from that of an interface (something you click on) to a real place (you feel you are somewhere with people). In the coming years, the Internet will move beyond the web metaphor of linked documents, into a true cyber-space of virtual worlds. Digital Space was there from the beginning, so by choosing our team as your partner in designing, building and hosting your virtual world, you will be working with the most experienced team in the business. Other pages about virtual worlds:

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See the Avatar Teleport and Book The Avatar Teleport, our informational site about all virtual world platforms and their communities. This is also the home page for the book Avatars. Keynotes and tutorials offered by Digital Space founder Bruce Damer The Contact Consortium, the world's premier research and community forum about virtual world cyberspace. Digital Space is a founding member of the Consortium and produces many conferences and research projects for the Consortium. Past and upcoming events about virtual worlds and their applications  

Uses for Virtual Worlds

Increasingly, people are entering virtual worlds not just for game play or idle chat but to form serious communities. These communities help students learn, co-workers get their jobs done, companies serve customers, governments reach their electorate, scientists collaborate and people at home build their own networks of interest. Communities can be much more effective inside the visual environments of virtual worlds. See read our story of Avatars98 for an example of a virtual world in use as a virtual conference center.

Greeter "bot" in the lobby of a company virtual headquarters,
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