DATAFUSION World Project
Datafusion Data Visualization and Collaboration Concept World
Client: DATAFUSION Inc, San Francisco CA

Project Duration: February-June 1998
Project History, Goals and Evaluation

DATAFUSION World was an ambitious project combining compelling 3D Visualization of data with a live discussion and problem resolution employing multi user "Videotars" representing employees at distant locations. DATAFUSION World was designed as a concept project to show a futuristic application of DATAFUSION Inc's 2D Knowledge Map (tm) technology. DATAFUSION World is now actively used to attract investors and provide a positive view of the company and its products. DATAFUSION World was built using VRML 2.0, Intervista's WorldView for developers, various modeling tools including 3D Studio MAX. The VRML portion was built under contract by a crack team at Infoplasm, of San Francisco. To contact Infoplasm, email The voice and video which appears on the avatars was produced by Allan Lundell and Marian Sun McNamee of Boulder Creek CA. Digital Space provided project vision, design, initiation and overall project coordination. A large number of additional people at Digital Space and DATAFUSION had extensive input into the design process. See the participants list below. If you are interested in a presentation of DATAFUSION World or information on investment and product opportunities with DATAFUSION Inc, contact Bruce Damer at Digital Space (for a world demonstration) or DATAFUSION Inc. at: 139 Townsend St, Suite 100, San Francisco CA, USA +1 (415) 836-9060. Further virtual world projects are underway at Digital Space, to talk to us about creating a world for you, please email Bruce Damer.

Views of the DATAFUSION World
(Click on each image for a full screen view)

Figure 1: Voice and video on "Avatars" representing remotely separated employees creates realism in a virtual conference room. Paul is opening the discussion with comments about a problem with a hotel improperly disposing of its waste paint and solvents. Also present here are representatives of the firm which owns the hotel (Joseph on the left), the representative from the disposal company (Allan in green) and the corporate lawyer (Rosie on the right).


Figure 2: Allan draws the group up into the "data dome" above the virtual conferenc room and then uses the 3D cursor (in red) to direct attention around the knowledge map. This knowledge map is a series of nested graphs that show the relationships and flows both inside the corporation and to the outside environment.


Figure 3: Rosie calls up "metadata" from within a node in the knowledge map to illustrate the fines imposed by governmental authorities due to the improper waste disposal.  


Figure 4: Allan drills down through a node into a deeper knowledge map illustrating a solution to the waste disposal problem.  

You can run the Datafusion 3D World directly online from here.

Note that you have to have a VRML browser installed from here then this should play the 3D world with the sound files.
After all the textures and stuff are loaded, click on the little dome on the left and then page down key to move in close and click on the red videotar to start.

Datafusion Movies

Click here for a Streaming quicktime presentation of the Datafusion World.
(9.6 mb)

Click here for a downloadable quicktime presentation of the Datafusion World.
(5.8 mb)

Click here for the AVI presentation of the Datafusion World.
(56.4 mb)

Project Participants

DigitalSpace: (Project conception, management) Bruce Damer, Nancy Levidow DATAFUSION: (World design, storyboarding) Joel and Diane Schatz, Chris Rathe, Joseph Busch, John Garn, Jaime Lau, John Hellweg, John Pierre, and many other contributors InfoPlasm: (World Design and Building) Barry Fox, Ben de Leeuw, Michael Siebielec, Karen Marcelo, Markus Roskothen Allan Lundell and Marian Sun McNamee (Video, sound, storyline production)