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  Session Meeting Rooms  

Session meeting rooms (sometimes called Electronic Meeting Rooms) are spaces where smaller groups gather to listen to a speaker or panel and engage in focused discussions. These rooms can be outfitted with surfaces that link to websites, live video and audio and teleporters to other locations in a larger cyberconference. Bots, which are automated software agents, can perform duties such as changing speaker slides or recording the sessions to HTML pages, for instant conference proceedings.

Attendees within a session meeting room during the Cornell University VLearn
conference. This event featured live video and streaming audio of speakers
and linked three university campuses.

Advanced session room for the Highwire conference, complete with weblinks,
teleports, help desks, and a slide show bot.

Speaker Margart Corbit of the Cornell Theory Center addresses an audience at
Avatars98 on the subject of 3D modeling for scientific and educational purposes.
Her slides link to webpages and are being changed behind her by a session

  Session Meeting Rooms