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  Designing and booking your Exhibit Area  

Get Set to Design and offer your Clients their first Cyber-Exhibits!

Booths in DigitalSpace Cybertradeshows come in many styles and sizes, mirroring familiary exhibit layouts in physical tradeshows. Below you will see a set of designs from the "modern steel" series. Exhibitors sign up and design their booths in advance of the conference using a set of easy web forms. Pricing for the overal exhibit hall depends on a number of factors including size, number of exhibitors, services requested, live hosting and bot writing, training, audio and video streaming, back end database support and custom art creation.

Booths from past Virtual Tradeshow Floors

A Sample row of booths featuring exhibitors Boeing, Howard Community College and the Food and Agriculture Administration of the United Nantions
The Orange County Convention Center has a presence in a virtual tradeshow, choosing a 16 by 16 booth

Compaq Computer and its 8 by 8 booth in technology square

Layout of an Exhibit Area

Conference Center

The above exhibit area plan is a typically sized event for 48 exhibitors. Various sized islands are placed in a rectalinear grid familiar with physical conference planners. The Conference Center is the default area that cyber-visitors enter

Booth Styles and Sizes

Exhibit booths are designed on a rectilinear grid familiar to many tradeshow planners. You can populate your exhibit hall with booths in a variety of sizes and orientations, designed to fit along the edges or through the center of rectangular islands. In the "modern steel" series, we have the following options:
Preview the "modern steel" Line of Booths

The following samples of superior virtual conference hall design were brought to you by the great team of Koolworlds, construction and Stuart Gold, Architect

Click here for a preview
of the 16 by 16 booths
Click here for a preview of
the 8 by 16 booths

Click here for a preview of
the 8 by 8booths

What can I do at my booth?

There are a variety of choices of booth layout and accessories, such as signage, images and text billboards, animations, and teleporters. You can opt to staff your booth for part of or the whole day or talk to us about getting a custom made bot, which is a software agent that can talk to people, perform card swipes, give away prizes and answer questions. You can link your webpages, webcams, audio and video streams and teleport visitors to your own ongoing session room. In addition, your booth will be advertised in the Big Board, and on the web-based conference program.

How do I get signed up for a booth?

Getting a booth in a DigitalSpace cybertradeshow is be as easy as filling in a web form. See our Avatars98 Stand reservation system for an example of the process that exhibitors use to sign up.

Accessories for your booth

See our gallery of accessories to decorate your booth:
Furniture Brochures Teleporters Signage
  Designing and booking your Exhibit Area  

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