DigitalSpace Virtual Meetings
  The Conference Center  

The Conference Center is the place where attendees first enter into the virtual conference hall. It is here that you provide concise directions to the elements of the hall. It is here that badge entry, help desk, announcements and retail opportunities occur. Flowthrough in these areas can run into tens of thousands of net visitors per day. Live audio and video broadcast can be featured here. Careful design ensures that the space runs well on attendees' computers at modem speeds.

Conference center ground level view showing avatar attendees, access to exhibit hall conference branding, help desks and teleporter arrows for fast movement to other parts of the event

Overhead view of Conference Center showing live webcasting monitor being
viewed by attendees. Books and other objects link to the virtual bookstore.

"Bigboard" Schedule of events and sessions accessible from the Conference
Center. The time of the session is listed across the top, the breakout room on the
left. Clicking on any square takes an attendees directly to the room for the session.

Attendees crowding below the Bigboard to meet a speaker before travelling
to the breakout session room.

  The Conference Center  

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