SBIR Report                                                                  July 8, 2003

BrahmsVE: Proof of Concept Human/Agent Intel Augmentation                DigitalSpace Corp



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These SBIR data are furnished with SBIR rights under Contract No. NAS2-03134.  For a period of 4 years after acceptance of all items to be delivered under this contract, the Government agrees to use these data for Government purposes only, and they shall not be disclosed outside the Government (including disclosure for procurement purposes) during such period without permission of the Contractor, except that, subject to the foregoing use and disclosure prohibitions, such data may be disclosed for use by support Contractors.  After the aforesaid 4-year period the Government has a royalty-free license to use, and to authorize others to use on its behalf, these data for Government purposes, but is relieved of all disclosure prohibitions and assumes no liability for unauthorized use of these data by third parties.