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July 2007: DigitalSpace presented to the world media and at privately at two events in San Francisco its design for a Human Mission to a Near Earth Object

September 2006: Bruce Damer attended the AIAA Space 2006 conference in San Jose California to present a paper on DigitalSpace's work on design simulation in support of NASA's robotic and human lunar exploration programs. The paper was titled Design Simulation in Support of NASA's Robotic and Human Lunar Exploration Program is available here. To hear the full audio of Damer's talk on design simulation for lunar robotics, and view the Powerpoint slides of the talk (in HTML) and in PDF document, click here.

October 2005: DigitalSpaces presented a session on real-time 3D simulation as a collaborative design environment for space at the LEAG-SRR conference in League City, TX. Find photos of the event, MP3 recordings of our presentation and the presentation slides here.

October 2005: Bruce Damer presented a session at the Technosphere 2005 conference at Synergia Ranch, NM, hosted by the Ecotechnics Institute. See the full HTML version of the talk here along with powerpoint, MP3 sound and special videos. View the slideshow presentation here.

June 2005: DigitalSpaces/BrahmsVE: A Review of the Platform & Projects, 2000-2005 (HTML version, includes movie files-click to start, presented at the EMMSE/MODAT Kickoff, Sunnyvale, CA). Powerpoint version is here (18MB, movie files will not play).

March 2005: Approaches to Space, a presentation made by Bruce Damer at CONTACT 2005, Moffett Field, CA USA. Powerpoint version is here (missing movie files).See pictures of the conference here.

March-April 2004: Bruce Damer presented two sessions at the NASA Virtual Iron Bird conference . On the first day (March 31, 2004) the presentation was titled A review of Virtual Worlds projects at NASA Ames carried out by DigitalSpace, RIACS and other partners (find powerpoint version here. On April 2, 2004 Damer presented the second session Data-Driven Virtual Environment Assembly and Operation (find powerpoint version here and find the published paper here.

April 2003: DigitalSpace, Simon Fraser University, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Adobe work together to produce RATAVA'S LINE, a global cyber-fashion event. View the slideshow presentation here.

March 2003: Presentation at the Berkeley Institute of Design on the UC Berkeley campus to a visiting delegation from Singapore (NTU and MDA) on: Human Connection Technologies and Design, A New Curriculum Opportunity

March 2003: Presentation Lawrence Lessig and Julian Dibbell's class at Stanford Law School on: Virtual worlds as a public commons and the code of this commons

January 2003: Presentation for Art Center College of Design: The Creative Commons License, the Intercommons and a general discussion of Intellectual Property.

January 2003: Presentation at the Arlington Institute in Washington DC for the Office of the Secretary of Defense: Virtual Worlds, where did they come from, how are they used, and how can they assist us in devising strategy for the future?

November 2002: Presentation to NASA Ames Research Center: A review of Virtual Worlds projects at NASA created by projects with RIACS, DigitalSpace and other partners.

October 2002: October 2002 presentation to Pop!Tech, the Camden Technology Conference: Cyberspace with a Human Face. See this Powerpoint version of Bruce Damer's presentation at Pop!Tech . Presentation to Pop!Tech, the Camden Technology Conference: Cyberspace with a Human Face. Bruce Damer at Pop!Tech 2003(Windows Media Player).

May 1998: Presentation to Human Centered Computing, NASA Ames Research Center: Virtual Worlds on the Internet A bold new medium for interaction, collaboration, play and learning.