Note that the following is an unofficial, password protected concept page for use by the DigitalSpace and StudioFX design teams. These pages in no way describe a finished product. Do not provide access to this page or printed versions to any unauthorized persons outside of the concept design team. Responsible person: Bruce Damer

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The 200 foot tall Gumby in the DigitalSpace prototyping world, click for larger view



Max, DigitalSpace design team member waving to us from his avatar next to the gumby prototype
Interact in real time with fans of Gumby, Pokey and other famous toons and toys in the Gumbyland amusement park. You can walk around in this virtual world in your own avatar, chat with other toon fans, take rides, be part of toon outs at the pOKay Corral, and even put your picture in the clubhouse or homestead in Gumby's own virtual town Wild West.

Meeting a friend at the clayboy

Someone will always be there in Gumbyland and Wild West to meet you. Regular events will include special live chats on Gumby in My Childhood, Where is Your Gumby Sitting, Making Toons with Clay, and even the chance to meet Art Clokey, creator of that famous clayboy.

Last but not least, you can vist our 3D store, neigh a full sized mall, and size up the many sizes and colors of Gumby and his friends, including this 200 footer, the Paul Bunyon of Gumbys.

Max of Koolworlds and his avatar-sized Gumby
See you in Gumbyland!  
Welcome to Gumby's Galaxy, and his collection of images created with old and new technologies. First, you can experience psychedelic images that bring Gumby and Pokey into a virtual reality you won't want to miss! And if that wasn't enough to bend your brain, check out video clips from Gumby's favorite episodes, in which our hero and his pal pokey get themselves into all kinds of fixes, and get themselves out. Lastly, there are brilliantly colored 3-D images that will give you excellent moments of viewing pleasure, in which every detail springs to life! Come back and visit often, as these images will be changing as new ones are chosen and developed.

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