DigitalSpace Corporation Current Projects


Projects to create whole-planet and whole-moon models from orbital-imaged terrain and texture data

Rendering of the approach to Gusev Crater in the fractal Mars model (exaggerated terrain)
DigitalSpace and its partners created a fractally modeled Mars whole-planet terrain with textures based on MOC and MOLA datasets. In a subsequent project for Boeing, DigitalSpace and another partner produced a 3D Moon globe with Clementine, Apollo and other datasets to enable the visualization of Lunar surface locales during a Boeing workshop on design options for return to the moon.

Virtual Moon Globe with Clementine and color texture data produced by GeoFusion
We believe that whole-planet/moon visualization tools are essential components of any new mission of exploration. Such visualization works in lock step with robot imaging missions to determine optimum locations for human short and long duration missions.

“MojoMars” fractally generated simulated Mars from MOLA and MOC datasets utilizing Pandromeda environment.
View a wonderful QuickTime movie called "Mojo Mars" produced by Ken Heidenreich and his team (working in conjunction with DigitalSpace) that takes you on a personal landing at the Gusev crater on Mars using real Mars terrain data collected from orbit and modeled in the MojoWorld software from Pandromeda

Read about this project in following white paper

Play a 16MB progressive loading QuickTime movie version or download a 255MB high-resolution version by clicking here (note: right click on this link and save target, or shift click on a Macintosh, to save this to disk and then play locally).

See explanatory slides of the Mojo Mars Project and Ken Heidenreich's explanation of the project here (word document)

From Chuck Stein of GeoFusion

GeoFusion provided the virtual Moon globe for DigitalSpace. GeoFusion's primary product is the GeoMatrix Toolkit, a C++ object oriented Software Development Kit for building custom digital Earth, or other planetary, applications. Our rendering engine allows the user to navigate through potentially massive amounts of imagery draped on top of terrain while experiencing a constant level-of-detail. Because at the core is the GeoMatrix Toolkit, we have a lot of freedom in building applications and can do many things such as turning on and off or blending between datasets, pre-canned flighgt paths, and much more. We can support various forms of stereo viewing also. We license the toolkit or can build custom applications for your needs.