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DigitalSpace worked with the B612 Foundation and produced these visualizations of an asteroid, or Near Earth Object (NEO) deflection campaign (Summer 2008)

DigitalSpace worked with Kris Zacny and his team at Honeybee Robotics and experienced film animator and space enthusiast Jeroen Lapre on a project to model a Lunar Excavator using a Pneumatic mechanism. (Summer 2008)
This is a 3D Visualization of Honeybee Robotics Lunar Pneumatic Excavator produced by Jeroen Lapre working with DigitalSpace Corporation for Kris Zacny of Honeybee Robotics. This unique concept uses gas to excavate and transport lunar material to a heat exchanger for ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization). Download high resolution Quicktime (4 MB) and Windows Media (5 MB)

DigitalSpace's work for HumanSpace in a contract to visualize the European Space Agency's Lunar Architecture (click to download 14359 kb WMV file). See HumanSpace site for more projects.
DigitalSpace's work for HumanSpace in a contract to visualize the European Space Agency's Lunar Architecture (click to download 32696 kb WMV file). See HumanSpace site for more projects.

DigitalSpace's Design for a Human Mission to a NEO.

DigitalSpace's Design for a Human Mission to a NEO.

Project to model the Digging Action of Lunar Excavators.
Project to model the Digging Action of Lunar Excavators.

LSAM - Lunar Surface Access Module.

LSAM - Lunar Surface Access Module.

This is a real-time 3D simulation of NASA's conceptual Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM).

Micro-Sat Lunar Lander Simulation.

Micro-Sat Lunar Lander Simulation.

3D design simulation of a small robotic Lunar lander produced for NASA's Ames Reseach Center (Summer 2006).

Open Pit Mining Simulation
Open Pit Mining Simulation.
Real-time 3D physics-based simulations for the mining industry as an operations, planning, training and public outreach tool.

Robotic Lunar Exploration Program - V2

Robotic Lunar Exploration Program - V2

This is a real-time 3D simulation of NASA's proposed Robotic Lunar Exploration Program second mission (RLEP2) Lunar surface mission.

Virtual Moonyard Lunar Hazard Obstacle Course
Virtual Moonyard Lunar Hazard Obstacle Course
This is a real-time 3D simulation of a "Virtual Moonyard Lunar Hazard Obstacle Course" which was inspired by the physical "Mars yards" at NASA centers such as JPL and Ames Research Center.

Visualization of the "Surveyor" mission
Visualization of the "Surveyor" mission
Concept visualization of the "Surveyor" mission that would fly as a precursor to RLEP2 Lunar mobile surface robotics.

Telerobotic Lunar Exploration.
Telerobotic Lunar Exploration.
Simulation-Based Lunar Telerobotics Design, Acquisition and Training Platform for Virtual Exploration.

Shackleton Crater & Highlander Rover.
Shackleton Crater & Highlander Rover.
A simple real time simulation of the Highlander rover traversing virtual Lunar terrains.

Superbots Visualization.

Superbots Visualization.

Superbots are reconfigurable robots that use identical segments and comes from work by USC's Information Sciences Institute Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory. DigitalSpace created animations of Superbots as they might be employed in extravehicular activity (EVA) on a hypothetical future Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV). Click here to see details of this Superbots simulations.

SBA Concept Visualization
Short version of animation
Full length version of animation

Lunar Telerobotic Base Construction

A General Purpose Staging Rack for Robotic/Human Lunar Base Construction (for Raytheon, 2004-2005)

Original movie visualization of procedure
Final real-time 3D simulation, implemented by DigitalSpace and DM3D Studios in Adobe Atmosphere

SimEVA for STS-114 Shuttle Return to Flight (Spring 2005)

SimEVA, Extravehicular Activity Training Simulator for International Space Station Astronauts

VASTSim ISS Crew Emergency Medical Training Simulator

Accommodating the Global Nomad
Accommodating the Global Nomad
Accommodating the Global Nomad - human-centered design for traveler Earthlings
3D models and movie for a presentation to a business-class hotel chain.

Street Crossing Safety Game
Street Crossing Safety Game
DigitalSpace worked with Do2Learn and Dr. Dorothy Strickland to produce a street crossing safety game for kids with autism.

Lunar Environments
Lunar Environments
DigitalSpace modeled Lunar bases (both above and below the Lunar surface), spacecraft, re-entry vehicles and interplanetary ships for a Boeing CREATE workshop held in Houston TX in April 2004. You can enter these 3D environments and explore design concepts presented by the Boeing company.

Ratava’s Line is a collaborative cyber-fashion-drama project created by students at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and Interactive Arts at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.
Three major elements integrated in this event are the presentation of original fashion designs from FIT designers translated into 3D space, exhibits of artwork of artists from both New York and Vancouver, and a narrative mystery for users to participate in and solve.

SimHab/Brahms VE: A Collaborative Virtual Environment for Mission Operations
A three dimensional, multi-user virtual environment as an interface for the Brahms discrete event agent-based work practice simulation system. It is envisioned that numerous projects in government, industry, K-12 education and college/university, museums and science centers all converge on the need for the simulation, design, and operation of complex 3D environments in which people work or interact. We anticipate a broad range of adoption of Brahms VE as a commercial product in Phase III.

NASA is experimenting with use of semi autonomous robots Aboard the International Space Station (ISS)
One such robot is under development at NASA's Ames Research Center and is called the Personal Satellite Assistant (PSA). The PSA is a ball-shaped red robot that will be able to propel itself through the microgravity environment of the ISS and assist station and ground crew with a number of tasks. As part of a research project for NASA Ames, DigitalSpace created virtual models of the interior of the station with a PSA traversing it in search of missing tools. This project also illustrates the use of a back-end database (PHP/MySQL) communicating with an Atmosphere environment using JavaScript and XML/HTTP.

Drive On Mars
Day in the Life of MER - short version
Day in the Life of MER - full version

DigitalSpace, working in cooperation with NASA, developed virtual rover models that can be driven on a cyber-terrain.

This project served as a test for concepts in the areas of education and public outreach and for possible future missions where distributed teams might be able to drive missions from their desktops. DigitalSpace is part of a NASA team that will be taking real data from the MER mission and re-creating the actual 3D terrain to show rover traverses that occurred during mission operations. DigitalSpace's project is affectionately known as "DriveOnMars".

Virtual Windfarm
Commissioned by the Arlington Institute for a special Department of Defense seminar on alternative energy in early 2003
This virtual wind farm illustrates principles of turbine operation and energy output with variations in wind speed. Wind power is one of the most important alternative energy sources for the 21st Century and visualization is key to the buy-in of government and commercial organizations to this proven non-petroleum energy alternative.

Atmospherians and the Atmosphere Directory is the keystone to an ever-growing and exciting web of community resources, connections, and experiences, of the new Adobe 3D interactive environment platform, Atmosphere.
Our mission is to support, promote, and help the communities that grow up in and around Atmosphere.
Web developers, artists, business, educators and students, friends and groups can all make use of the interactive Atmosphere environment.

Adobe Atmosphere Environments
A Selection of Adobe Atmosphere Environments
Bahman Dara, Senior Product Manager at Adobe Systems credits DigitalSpace for “working with Adobe contributing to the beta programs, developing the Atmospherians community resource site, and creating innovative content in Atmosphere for such clients as NASA, the Fashion Institute of Technology and others.” Bahman goes on to say that "DigitalSpace has shown that Atmosphere is a platform powerfully suited for such wide ranging applications as industrial design and simulation and distance learning for students and professors in creative disciplines."

A community portal for K-12 education professionals
A project to provide a premier virtual community where individual teachers, other educators, and education associations may conduct meaningful collaborative activities.
The Red Apple Online community offers K-12 educators the ability to communicate with peers in a warm, friendly, high-tech environment.

Health Insurance Company Virtual Headquarters
DigitalSpace was approached by a health insurance company based in Europe, to develop a facility on the Internet using Active Worlds, a virtual worlds technology.
Due to the international nature of the company's activities and the need for strong communication links with the customer that this type of insurance demands, The company felt that the development of a Virtual Worlds facility should be in the form of a Virtual Headquarters. Rather than seeing this just as a marketing tool, The company wanted the facility to allow visitors to experience the next best thing to visiting the physical offices the company.

DATAFUSION World Project

DATAFUSION World was an ambitious project combining compelling 3D Visualization of data with a live discussion and problem resolution

Employing multi user "Videotars" representing employees at distant locations. DATAFUSION World was designed as a concept project to show a futuristic application of DATAFUSION Inc's 2D Knowledge Map (tm) technology.

AVATARS 1998-2004
DigitalSpace Corporation Avatars Conference Series
The annual cross-platform "Avatars" event organised by The Contact Consortium and DigitalSpace Corporation.
Virtual Worlds in CyberSpace and at locations around the world.

Other completed Projects

Apollo XI Moon Landing 30th Anniversary Avatar Reenactment with Astronaut Russell Schweickart

DigitalSpace hosted a fan gathering for Terence Mckenna