SuperBots Visualization - Repair CEV

DigitalSpace modeled a conceptual Superbot for astronaut assistance on extravehicular activity (EVA) on a hypothetical future Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV). A Superbot is a reconfigurable robot that uses identical segments and comes from work by Wei-Min Shen and his group at USC's Information Sciences Institute Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory. More information on SuperBots can be found at the Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory Homepage.

Finished Version
QuickTime (MOV) Format
no compression at 640x480
50% compression at 640x480 res MOV file.
50% compression at 320x240 res MOV file.
Windows Media Player (WMV) Format
16.2MB superbots_v1-wmv.wmv
80% compression at 640x480 windows streaming format.
Zip of all Images (no thunbnails)
6b_0.jpg 6b_1.jpg
6b_2.jpg 6b_3.jpg
6b_4.jpg 10a_0.jpg
10a_1.jpg 10a_2.jpg
10a_3.jpg 10a_4.jpg

Version 2
QuickTime (MOV) Format
Cam 3 (1.2 Meg) Cam 3 (4.5 Meg)
High Quality (AVI) Format
Cam 3 (31.1 Meg) (DivX)
2b_1.jpg 2b_2.jpg
2b_3.jpg 2b_4.jpg
2b_5.jpg 2b_6.jpg

Version 1
QuickTime (MOV) Format
Cam 1 (2.6 Meg) Cam 1 (4.5 Meg)
Cam 2 (2.6 Meg) Cam 2 (4.5 Meg)
High Quality (AVI) Format
Cam 1 (15.5 Meg) (DivX)
Cam 2 (16.7 Meg) (DivX)
test_bots_shadows.jpg test_bots1.jpg
test_bots2.jpg test_bots3.jpg
test_bots4.jpg test_earth1.jpg
test_env1.jpg test_env2.jpg

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