SuperBots Visualization

DigitalSpace modeled a conceptual Superbot for astronaut assistance on extravehicular activity (EVA) on a hypothetical future Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV). A Superbot is a reconfigurable robot that uses identical segments and comes from work by Wei-Min Shen and his group at USC's Information Sciences Institute Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory. More information on SuperBots can be found at the Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory Homepage.

Repair of CEV

Spider Bot

In the scenarios depicted by still images and movies here, a Superbot creates an "intelligent tether" that assists an astronaut performing an EVA to repair damage to the exterior of the CEV. In an earlier scenario a Superbot configures itself as a spider to hold a light for EVA astronauts.

Lunar Conveyer/Trackway Superbot Concept Application

DigitalSpace also proposed several applications of Superbots in DigitalSpace: Lunar Conveyer/Trackway Superbot Concept Applications.

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