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This is a real-time 3D simulation of a "Virtual Moonyard Lunar Hazard Obstacle Course" which was inspired by the physical "Mars yards" at NASA centers such as JPL and Ames Research Center. As America prepares to return to the Moon, first robotically and later with human crews, the use of virtual as well as physical test-beds will speed engineering and produce more effective, lower cost spacecraft. This simulation was developed for the Robotic Lunar Exploration Program second mission (RLEP2) headed by NASA's Marshall Spaceflight and Ames Research Centers. The goal of this simulation was to provide a low analog yet useful lunar surface model including small craters (negative hazards), ridges (high-centering hazards), rocks, and slopes of varying steepness and allow users to drive four classes of vehicles over that surface. The four types of virtual vehicles provided include: a four wheeled vehicle derived from the original Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle, a six wheeled rocker-bogie Mars Science Laboratory rover, a skid-steering DARPA-derived vehicle, and a simple version of JPL's ATHLETE "spider" fully articulated vehicle. In this simulation, we have created all four drive-able (by keyboard or joystick) virtual rovers which have controls for speed and motor torque. We invite you to view the movies and still images showing the simulation in action and you may also download and install the simulation for a first hand experience of driving all four vehicles.


Movies of the Simulation

Hazard Course Rover Wheel Trap

Hazard Course Rover Test Drive

Hazard Course MSl Rover Test Drive



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