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DigitalSpace has been engaged in a multi-year partnership with the Colorado School of Mines to bring real-time 3D physics-based simulations into the mining industry as an operations, planning, training and public outreach tool. Our first use of the DigitalSpaces (DSS) platform in the mining industry was the creation of this open pit mining simulation which features a simplified pit geometry, haul trucks, an excavator and crane and other vehicles such as a foreman's pickup truck. The use of real-time physics (in this case implemented with the open source ODE engine) permits realistic vehicle to terrain interaction during automated driving between preset waypoints. In the future, higher fidelity soil-machine physics including surface compression, rock and finer material handling and even dust generation will be featured in DSS mining simulations. We invite you to view the movie file and still images showing the simulation in action or you may also download and install the simulation for a first hand experience of the vehicles operating in the virtual open pit mine.


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Real-time 3D Pit Mining Simulation



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