sysRAND TUG Real-time 3D Simulation

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The TUG simulation was created for Parker, Colorado based sysRAND Corporation under a Phase II SBIR from NASA. The goal of theTUG simulation was to create a real time 3D model of a lunar bucket ladder excavator robotic vehicle to correspond to the sysRAND bucket ladder which was constructed for sandbox testing under this Phase II project.

DigitalSpace's version of the TUG placed the sysRAND bucket ladder excavating tool on a turret which allowed rotational, forward and back and up and down motion of the tool. The vehicle is able to be driven across a simulated lunar landscape. Given time and budget constraints the cutting action of the tool was not yet implemented, but this is planned for future work. This project was completed over the period May 2009-August 2010.

Team members included: Ryan Norkus (modeling and rigging), Peter Newman (simulation programming), Bruce Damer (program management), and Gary Rodriguez (sysRAND founder and customer).



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