Adobe Atmosphere Environments


DigitalSpace was hired by Adobe for three years from 2001 through 2004 to be its community and marketing partner in the development and release of Adobe Atmosphere, a web-based multi-user 3D avatar virtual world technology. DigitalSpace developed the site "" and a large number of projects in the platform, some of them featured in the showcase here. View movies of our Atmosphere projects here.


A Walking Tour of Adobe Atmosphere



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AvaMars 2004 Environments

Three Adobe Atmosphere environments produced for the 2004 CONTACT Conference - AvaMars World Design Project. These environments were: Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars.


The Street

Adobe Atmosphere environment.


Cute Worlds

DigitalSpace produced several children's play spaces to demonstrate DigitalSpace's ability to create rich and whimsical games that can be delivered via the web using the Adobe Atmosphere web-based plug-in.




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