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Our starting point is very early along the path of emergence in a phase one might call "prevolution" in that the fundamental mechanisms supporting replication (and evolution through Darwinian Natural Selection) must in fact emerge from a tabula rasa (blank slate). When the prototype EvoGrid goes live in 2010 we hope to witness the emergence of virtual structures in space (rings, catalysts, containers/vesicles, simple repeating strings) or reaction sequences in time (autocatalytic sets for example) within the simulation. With this as a foundation we hope that a ratcheting up of complexity may then occur through several plateaux. Eventually the observing of entities which code their own constructions and reproduction using an artificial genome would be a major scientific breakthrough for emergence science and hopefully shed light on the possible chemical origins of life on Earth. The intellectual and computational breakthroughs will come through optimizing the pathway for vectors of ever higher self organization across the valleys of events of extremely low probability.


The Prototype 2009 is an attempt to get a working chemical simulator in place that can process a wide variety of variable initial conditions, as well as provide a useful testbed for distributed chemical simulation and analysis.The prototype will use a distributed processing method, by running simulations in parallel, providing different initial conditions to each parallel instance. Additionally, simulation analysis will be performed separately to simulation, allowing for load balancing between data generation and data analysis.


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