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Showcase Movies

A selection of Project Showcase movies.


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sysRAND TUG Simulation

Digital Spaces 3D Simulation project to model the digging action of a Lunar Excavator.


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The EvoGrid

The EvoGrid is a worldwide, cross-disciplinary effort to create an abstract, yet plausible simulation of the chemical origins of life on Earth. One could think of this as an artificial origin of life experiment. Our strategy is to employ a large number of computers in a grid to simulate a digital primordial soup along with a distributed set of computers acting as observers looking into that grid. These observers, modeled after the very successful @Home scientific computation projects, will be looking for signs of emergent complexity and reporting back to the central grid.

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Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission Simulation

Digital Spaces 3D Educational Spacewalk Simulation of NASA's STS-125 Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission.


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Lunar Excavator for Honeybee Robotics

DigitalSpace worked with Kris Zacny and his team at Honeybee Robotics and experienced film animator and space enthusiast Jeroen Lapre on a project to model a Lunar Excavator using a Pneumatic mechanism.


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Near Earth Object deflection visualization for B612 Foundation

DigitalSpace worked with the B612 Foundation and produced these visualizations of an asteroid, or Near Earth Object (NEO) deflection campaign (Summer 2008).


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Lunar Excavation Simulation

Digital Spaces 3D Simulation project to model the Digging Action of Lunar Excavators.


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Robotics Playground Simulation

The Robotic Playground is the demonstration application and tutorial world for the Digital Spaces (DSS) physics-enabled real-time 3D open source platform.

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Lunar Architecture for the European Space Agency

DigitalSpace's Fall 2007 work for HumanSpace in a contract to visualize the European Space Agency's Lunar Architecture.


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Lunar Surface Access Module Simulation

Digital Spaces 3D simulation of NASA's conceptual Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM).


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Near Earth Object Mission

DigitalSpace's Design for a Human Mission to a NEO.


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Jumbo Drill Simulation

Simulation of a jumbo drill vehicle for the mining manufacturing firm Atlas Copco in Sweden.

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Micro-Sat Lunar Lander Simulation

Digital Spaces 3D Simulation of a small robotic lunar lander produced for NASA's Ames Research Centre.


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Mining Pit Simulation

Digital Spaces 3D Simulations for the mining industry as an operations, planning, trainning and public outreach tool.


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Robotic Lunar Exploration Program Simulation

Digital Spaces 3D Simulation of NASA's proposed Robotic Lunar Exploration Program second mission (RLEP2) lunar surface mission.


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Virtual Moonyard Lunar Hazard Obstacle Course

A Digital Spaces 3D simulation of a "Virtual Moonyard Lunar Hazard Obstacle Course" which was inspired by the physical "Mars yards" at NASA centers such as JPL and Ames Research Center.

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Visualization of the "Surveyor" Mission

Concept visualization of the "Surveyor" mission that would fly as precursor to RLEP2 Lunar mobile surface robotics.

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Telerobotic Lunar Exploration

A realtime Digital Spaces simulation-based lunar telerobotics design, acquisition and training platform for virtual exploration.

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