Camera: 1 2 3
Automatic Camera
Start Stop
  1. Prepare Ballstacks
  2. Position old CMG on Ballstack
  3. Attach old CMG to Ballstack
  4. Prepare to approach LMC
  5. Approach LMC
  6. Detach CMG from LMC
  7. Prepare to remove CMG from LMC
  8. Remove CMG from LMC
  9. Position new CMG on Ballstack
  10. Attach new CMG to Ballstack
  11. Move to old CMG
  12. Detach old CMG from Ballstack
  13. Prepare to approach LMC with old CMG
  14. Approach LMC with old CMG
  15. Prepare to attatch CMG to LMC
  16. Attach CMG to LMC
    Move to new CMG on Ballstack
  17. Detach new CMG from Ballstack
    Prepare to move to ISS