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Installing an Space for DigitalSpaces

Click here to download the PDF version of this guide.

1. Double click on the icon for the installer to begin installation.

2. A window will come up (as shown) and you will have three options, they are;
  • Required Files
        By default, “Required Files” is set checked and cannot be changed.
  • Add to DSS Bookmarks
        We recommend that this be left checked as it will make getting to the space while running DSS easier.
  • Set as DSS Home Environment
        This will make the space open up as soon as you open up DSS, check or uncheck this, which ever suits your needs.
Once you have chosen which setting you want, click on the next button.

3. Another window will open up telling you which folder the environment will be installed into and asks if you want to put it in a different location. When you have selected the destination, press the “Install” button

4. Now the environment will begin to install, this will only take a short time.

5. Once the installation status bar has reached the end (as shown), click on the “close” button

The environment is now installed

6. Proceed to the Loading a Space Manually section. If you did not set the space as you’re “Home Environment” or bookmark it.

Loading a bookmarked Space

1. to access bookmarked spaces while in DSS click on the “load” button and then click on “bookmarks”

2. A window will appear listing all of your bookmarked spaces. Select the one you wish to load and double click on it, it will now load.

Loading a Space Manually

1. Open up DSS and click on the small “load” button in the top left corner of the screen, then click on the button “local”.
Next a small window will appear with a “browse” button in it.
Next DSS will close and a window will open up on your desktop. From here you will go to the location of the environment file

Once you have found it, click “OK” DSS will open up again with the space you selected.

(Remember to bookmark the space now to save having to do this every time you need it)