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Installing DigitalSpaces

Click here to download the PDF version of this guide.

1. Open up the DigitalSpaces installer by double clicking on the icon.

2. The installer will open up. The three options you have are, Required Files, Start Menu Shortcuts and Desktop shortcuts. You will need to leave the “required files” option selected for the installation to be successful. You can however change whether there are shortcuts on your start menu and on your desktop. To change these simply uncheck or check the boxes.

3. Another window will open up telling you which folder DigitalSpaces will be installed into and asks if you want to put it in a different location. When you have selected the destination, press the “Install” button.

4. Now DigitalSpaces will begin to install, this will only take a short time.

5. Once the installation status bar has reached the end (as shown), click on the “close” button
  DigitalSpaces is now installed.

6. To open up DigitalSpaces click on the icon either in your start menu or on your desktop.

7. The first time you run DigitalSpaces a window will open up and ask you to set the options.

8. First, click on the drop down bar (as shown) and select an option, we recommend you select “Direct3D9 Rendering Subsystem” but if you encounter problems later on try “OpenGL Rendering Subsystem”

9. After you select one more options will appear. Select the ones that suit your needs, though the default will usually be correct.
When you have selected the options you want, press “OK” and DigitalSpaces will open automatically.