Shackleton Crater &  Highlander Rover
 Real-time 3D Dynamic Simulations

In January 2006, during the pre-phase A design work for NASA's proposed Robotic Lunar Exploration Program surface mission (RLEP2), Red Whittaker of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) requested DigitalSpace to model their Highlander tracked lunar rover design. We produced a simple real time simulation of the Highlander rover traversing virtual Lunar terrains and presented this to the RLEP2 Program Office at NASA's Ames Research Center on behalf of Dr. Whittaker. In this real-time 3D DigitalSpaces (DSS) simulation, a dual tracked rover is driven over a number of surfaces analogous to the environment of the Shackleton crater on the Lunar south pole. We invite you to view the movie file and still images showing the simulation in action or you may also download and install the simulation for a first hand experience of this rover design. For more information on Robotics at CMU, please see the Robotics Institute homepage.

Movies of the Simulation
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Files for the Simulation
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