DigitalSpace Corporation Current Projects

Drive On Mars VisOpps, and the concept of a Multi-User Online Reality Simulation for Public Outreach. Read about this project in the following white paper

SimHab/BrahmsVE: Proof of Concept for Human/Agent Intelligent Augmentation read about this project in the following white paper

Lunar Environments DigitalSpace modeled Lunar bases (both above and below the Lunar surface), spacecraft, re-entry vehicles and interplanetary ships for a Boeing CREATE workshop held in Houston TX in April 2004. You can enter these 3D environments and explore design concepts presented by the Boeing company. Read about this project in the following white paper

SimStation Online project, being performed in collaboration with the SimStation team at Ames for customers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Sim-Planet Projects to create whole-planet and whole-moon models from orbital-imaged terrain and texture data.

MeetingPage DigitalSpace's real time messaging and human presence community using lightweight web technologies.

TalkSpace DigitalSpace's web-pluggable multi user voice technology with record and playback functions.

Traveler DigitalSpace's 3D lip-synching avatar social spaces which support living communities in conversation, music sharing and performance.

Atmospherians, the content and community site for users of Adobe Atmosphere

The Atmosphere Directory, the portal for Adobe Atmosphere content