DigitalSpace Corporation Clients
DigitalSpace has engaged in a wide variety of projects with clients since 1995, including 3D world construction, virtual community website and tool integration, consulting on a variety of Internet and technology topics, conferences and presentations and online events. Feel free to join our mailing list or contact us if you would like to engage DigitalSpace to fulfill your project vision.

3D Design
Adobe Systems Incorporated
American General Financial Group and the RedAppleOnline project
Assn for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Boeing Space
Borders Books and Music
British Telecom Laboratories
California Arts Council
Canadian National Science and Engineering Council
Colorado School of Mines/CCACS
Contact Consortium
Cornell University Theory Center
Czech Technical University
DATAFUSION Incorporated
Delphi Group
Elixir Technologies Corporation
Exhibitor Magazine Group
Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New
Highlands Group/US Department of Defense
IBM Center for Advanced Studies
Institute for Robotics and Information Systems/PRECARN
Institute for the Future
Intel Corporation
International Health Insurance, Copenhagen
Kaprun 2, Austria
KPMG Canada
Kurzweil AI
Los Almos National Laboratory
Microsoft Corporation
Miller Freeman
nanocosm (now live365)

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
NASA - the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Ames Research Center
National Security Technologies LLC
Online Inc.
Persetel Q Data Africa
Philips Multimedia Center, Palo Alto
Philips Research, Redhill UK
Pole Universite Leonardo da Vinci/IMM, Paris
Portuguese Ministry of Culture
QSS Group, Inc
Raytheon Company
Raytheon Missile Systems
Silicon Graphics Inc.
Sogese, S.A. Florence Italy
Stanford Univ. Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Synthesis International USA
The Banff Centre for the Arts
The Center for Environmental Visualization
The Highlands Group
The Idea Factory
The MCluhan Programme in Culture and Technology
Umea University (Sweden)
Universite de Montreal
Universities Space Research Association/RIACS
University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts Interactive Media Division
University of Calgary
University of California Santa Cruz
University of California Berkeley, School of Infor. Management
University of Texas at Austin, ACTLab
University of Victoria
University of Washington HIT Laboratory
User Interface Engineering
Virtual Reality Aids, Inc. (Do2Learn)
Waterside Productions
Xerox EuroPARC, Cambridge UK
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center