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DigitalSpace Traveler® is a unique experience on the Internet, supporting communities of users using their own voices to speak through 3D avatars which lip synch and blend sound together. Traveler creates the experience of a “cocktail party in Cyberspace” and permits up to 16 people in one virtual space to talk or even share music. Traveler users have created hundreds of spaces and millions of hours of interaction since Traveler was launched in 1996.


We recommend you take the plunge and experience Traveler yourself by downloading and installing the Traveler client. Please note that Traveler requires Windows95 or higher and may not connect if you are behind a firewall. To speak and hear sound you must also have speakers and a microphone and a second person to try it with. You can contact us to arrange a live person at DigitalSpace to demo TalkSpace with. Often you will also find many Traveler community members present at the Traveler Destinations page, simply click on a populated world and open Traveler.

Traveler servers and content development services are available from the DigitalSpace Corporation, contact us and a representative will get back to you.


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