DigitalSpace Corporation Products

TalkSpace™ is an extremely high quality and easy-to-use solution for delivering voice over the Internet, particularly when multiple participants need to meet for a web-based conference call. The crystal clear performance of the ACELP ®.wide server from VoiceAge® delivers voice at four times the sampling rate of ordinary telephony often with sub-second latency on speeds as low as 28K modems. The TalkSpace client is a small (<200K) ActiveX control, which can be embedded in any web page quite easily.
TalkSpace is available for demonstration now at this page. Please note that TalkSpace requires IE 5.0 or higher on Windows and may not connect if you are behind a firewall. To speak and hear sound you must also have speakers and a microphone and a second person to try it with. You can contact us to arrange a live person at DigitalSpace to demo TalkSpace with you.

TalkSpace is an optional component to Meet2D