DigitalSpace Corporation Products


DigitalSpace's Meet3D® is a discontinued project and product. If you are interested in working with this codebase it is available for open source development from This page and description is here for historical purposes.

Historical Background on Meet3D
DigitalSpace Meet3D� extended the powerful and configurable chat functionality of Meet2D� by adding 3D scenes and avatars in a multi user virtual world all running in a standard Java� 1.1 or higher equipped web browser. Meet3D applets could be configured with any user interface skin and installed on any web page without having to download any new components. Meet3D utilized efficient software-based renderers from Shout Interactive and Anfy3D and so was not dependent on the user having 3D hardware or drivers on their computer.
Avatars in Meet3D® could have gestures and are driven to movement controlled by users on different computers. 3D content could be authored in 3D Studio Max�, TrueSpace� or any other tool exporting VRML97. A full range of chat functionality was also supported in Meet3D. Meet3D was used to deliver a major project for American General Financial Group to support teacher communities on a web site called "Red Apple Online". You can read a full report on this project here.