DigitalSpace, teaming with DM3D Studios, Pty Ltd of Maffra, Victoria, Australia, has developed and released "DigitalSpaces" (DSS for short), an open source, extensible, scriptable, real-time 3D platform for a wide range of applications, some of them featured at our showcase page. We would like to thank NASA for providing years of funding to support the development of DSS.

DSS has some key advantages in the open source 3D arena including a comprehensive physics engine, ability to load 3D models produced in 3D Studio Max and other packages, support for Python scripting, CEGUI user interface library, OpenAL sound, and cross-platform codebase in C/C++. DSS is licensed under the LGPL so is available for commercial packaging.

DSS was released in its 1.0 version on November, 2007. Current builds and documentation can be obtained from the DSS project site. If you have an interest to adopt DSS for your projects or would like to engage our team, please contact us.


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