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Virtual Meetings Guidebook

Busy Conference Center at a DigitalSpace Virtual Tradeshow

DigitalSpace can offer you a whole line of virtual meeting services, from simple cyber-seminar spaces right up to full scale cyber-tradeshows serving thousands of people in 24 timezones. All of these meetings occur in revolutionary new 3D internet technologies, where you experience a sense of place and can see your friends and colleagues as they appear in the same space with you using "avatars". In these pages you will be guided through the elements of virtual meetings and finish by booking a meeting of your choice. Step forward and back through the process by pressing NEXT and PREVIOUS or feel free to jump directly to the pages of interest below: Virtual Meetings - Elements

Elements of Virtual Meetings

Putting Together a Cyber-Tradeshow and Conference

Session Meeting Rooms

The Conference Center

Designing and booking your Exhibit Area


Hosting an Art Show

Book a Virtual Meeting, Large or Small