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Cyber-Tradeshows are a unique online experience produced by DigitalSpace’s 3D Design Studio in which the experience of a 3D tradeshow and conference, complete with company booths in an exhibit hall, speaker breakout sessions, webcasting and voice broadcasting, chat and document sharing and extra facilities such as art shows, can be packaged for delivery over the web. DigitalSpace invented the medium of multi user “avatar” enabled cyber-tradeshows back in 1998 with its first event for the Contact Consortium. Please see how to package and order a cyber-tradeshow on these pages. A 1999 Industry Standard article describes a user experience at a DigitalSpace cyber-tradeshow. Cyber-events and tradeshows can be seen in our Project Showcase. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the creating of a unique cyber-tradeshow event or space in a 3D online virtual world.

Annual Avatars Cybertradeshow and Virtual Conference
produced by the DigitalSpace Corporation

Avatars2002 A Merry Cyber Party was held on Jan 3-5, 2003, see our conference pages Avatars2001 A Cyber Space Odyssey see the conference report. Avatars 2000 Cyberspace for a New Millennium read the conference report here
Dec 1-2, 2001 featured a walk through the "stations of the cross" in a fantastic parodie of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic film. Oct 15, 2000 A multi-ringed cyber-space staion greeted attendees of the fifth annual event. See the fabulous Avvy Awards and "Cosmic Experience" and AV2K the Movie from this year.

Colonizing Cyberspace
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Inside Cyberspace
read about the world's first cyberconference
The Human Race in Cyberspace
see our conference report
Dec 4, 1999 online inside virtual world cyberspace and at physical locations worldwide Nov 21, 1998 online inside virtual world cyberspace and at physical locations worldwide Oct 22-24, 1997 at San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Program, Yerba Buena Gardens and the Anon Salon, San Francisco California

Earth to Avatars 96
read the report here
Oct 26-27, 1996 at the ANA Hotel and Cyborganic, San Francisco California