The LEAG-SSR Conference Oct 25-28th 2005
League City, TX

See our HTML and Powerpoint (12MB) of the DigitalSpace presentation and listen along with
the MP3 audio of Bruce Damer's Session, and Bruce's Questions and Answers

DigitalSpace's virtual Lunar Bucket Wheel Excavator
makes a hit at the show!

MP3s of key conference talks:

Paul Spudis and Q&A
(on RLEP2)

Mark Borkowski and Q&A
(on RLEP2)

Bruce Damer and Q&A
(on the rapid prototyping
telerobotics simulation project)

RLEP2 Described

(Spudis and Borkowski slides)

Superbots project presented

Conference crowds

Moon suit previewed

(by Dean Eppler)

NASA Johnson Space Center Tour
(thanks Rob Landis)

Some views of JSC

(Buildings 30 and 9)

Original Apollo Mission Control

Red Mission Control Training Center

Blue Mission Control Center

ISS/Shuttle training facility

Some interesting movies:

Ron Landis in MCC
Ron Landis in ISS training center
Dean Eppler in Moon suit


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