DigitalSpace Collaborators

The following organizations have strategically collaborated with DigitalSpace since 1995. See this page for a list of our clients.

NASA Ames Research Center and RIACS , a division of USRA for whom DigitalSpace is collaborating on the development of the BrahmsVE platform for work practice simulation under a number of contracts.

Adobe Systems Incorporated with whom the Commons is working as an alliance partner in the Adobe Atmosphere product development and marketing and the development of theAtmospherians content portal and developer community site.

The Contact Consortium for whom the Commons is producing its annual Avatars cyber-conference and hosting the organization’s website and community tools.

Oworld, the Open Worlds Project which is working with the Commons on open source java multi-user projects for the benefit of The University of Washington, Seattle Community Colleges and other users.

Creative Commons with whom the DigitalSpace Corporation has a Memorandum of Understanding to provide input into the design of intellectual property conservancy design.

The Computer History Club and the DigiBarn Computer Museum for whom the Commons is providing web hosting, site design and site-based real-time community tools.

The Highlands Group for whom DigitalSpace is providing support on identifying resources and strategy for US government needs in a variety of areas.

The Center for Environmental Visualization at the University of Washington in Seattle. DigitalSpace has engaged in productive projects with many clients since 1995.
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