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Stuart Gold's essay prepared for Bruce Damer's concept of Virtual Bauhaus.

Our paper for the London Corporate Portals Conference hosted by the Delphi Group, where we will present "Back to the Future of the Corporate Portal" by Stuart Gold and Bruce Damer (April 2000). This paper features the first review of the process we went through to construct the International Health Insurance virtual headquarters.

A new paper from Jan de Bruin, Dirk-Jan de Bruin, Bruce Damer and Stuart Gold Conferences and Trade Shows in Inhabited Virtual Worlds A Case Study featuring new results from the Avatars99 cybertradeshow (written March-April 2000). This paper is to be presented at the Euromedia 2000 conference in Antwerp, Belgium sponsored by the SCS (May 8-10, 2000).

A new paper presented at the ACM Multimedia Conference, Conferences and Trade Shows in Inhabited Virtual Worlds A Case Study of AVATARS98, (Nov 1999), Jan and Dirk-Jan de Bruin, Bruce Damer, Stuart Gold.

Stuart Gold's Intelligent Environments (or My Friends and Other Floor Tiles) (Summer 1999).

A paper with Stuart Gold, Bruce Damer, and Jan and Dirk-Jan de Bruin on "Virtual Organizations and Virtual Worlds: a Case Study of AVATARS98". (July 1999). Presented and published at the 'Sixth International Conference on Multi-Organizational Partnerships and Cooperative Strategy' Tilburg, The Netherlands, July 8-10, 1999

A paper with Bruce Damer, Stuart Gold, and Jan and Dirk de Bruin on "Steps toward Learning in Virtual World Cyberspace: TheU Virtual University and the BOWorld". (April-May 1999). This paper is included in the printed proceedings of TWLT15: * A. Nijholt, Olaf Donk and Betse van Dijk (eds.), TWLT15 Interactions in Virtual Worlds, pp. 31-41.

Stuart Gold's proposal MONTE: Madeira Organisation for Networked Technology Environment (Feb 1999).

Bruce Damer and Stuart Gold's proposal MadeiraWorld: A Virtual World Reuniting the Madeiran Diaspora (Dec 1998).

Bruce's two accepted papers for the VWSIM99 Conference upcoming in San Francisco in January 99. The first is a new paper TheU Virtual University: Steps Toward Learning in Virtual World Cyberspace (written with Stuart Gold, Oct 1998). The second is another recap of the Nerve Garden project.

Stuart Gold's presentation at Digital Biota 2 in Cambridge UK, The Architecting of Cyberspace (Sept 1998).

Bruce's book chapter "Inhabited Virtual Worlds in Cyberspace" for an upcoming Addison Wesley Longman book on synthetic worlds and artificial life (Sept 1998, with contributions by Stuart Gold).

Stuart Gold's Competition Design Brief, photo album and review of TheU Virtual University Architecture Competition and final judging (March 1998, with input from Bruce Damer).

Stuart Gold's Architectural Bulletin from May 1996 and from July 1996 for the Contact Consortium's Sherwood Forest Town experiment (June 1996).

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