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Concepts Collected to February 26, 1995
Ref: Terry Winograd CS547, John Koza, Pavel Curtis

Still.. developing the ideas, developing the users, developing the app. As Kevin says, dont want to hit the ball where the outfielders are standing..

After attending many seminars on the subject of agents and their scripting languages I have concluded that another approach is worth a try. In fact, the interpreted language approach seems to be well in hand by Mr. Mark Porat and others. I will try to make agents constructable using visual programming techniques. It all has to be fun! Propogation through play.

The presentation by Pavel Curtis of Lambda Moo fame and now of visual MUD Jupiter and FABRIC language sealed it.. it is all pointless if it does not serve the needs of people in their interaction. Send an object as an expression of emotion, as a carrier of VERY PERSONAL information. Autobjects as prostheses of expression. Shared play objects. Break the monotony of the rectangles GUI. Pavel: the killer app of the '90s: people. His vision (snowcrash metaverse-like but more realizable) is wonderful, I would like to be there. What about faces, what about cartoons! Time to dust off the old rapidograph.

Agents in the current form: nothing more than remotely interpreted program fragments laden with all of the baggage of writing and executing code, only worse when extensions are not found. Exciting vision, long way from practical implementation. Meanwhile, lets have some fun!!!

Could eventually propose to Pavel shared toys as an accessory for JUPITER? Got to shut down the consulting and work on this full time for awhile..

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