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Notes from 1994


Autolab Research

Bio-System model

The Underlying Architecture

Opening Date: November 28, 1994

Features of the underlying architecture..

  1. General extensible network
  2. Network can be extended into three dimensions
    1. Network represents two types of information:
    2. Spatial location modification "moving in space"
    3. Escapements to functions
  3. Network has an infinite number of possible

First Prototype Applications

KnowCore Trainer

Will use the String Class described in the C++ literature.

Will define basic string functions

String Class

new string

update string (or part)

display string

delete string

append/prepend to string

search string for word(s)

replace word(s) in string

Class for Service Functions:

Load and Save string clusters

use HTML format to store strings (text between headings composes object)

object name (optional) under heading

test in Mosaic

Try to use a Net filament to join all of these functions together..

String Constructor tool:

Has interface panel, wire behind sends message into constructor for String class object

Interacting with the Constructed String Object

KnowCore front panel

operates loading/saving of "Globular Clusters" of strings

a "Galaxy" of strings is created when multiple clusters interact

Corellator Agents look for strings with like contents (string matching)

Aggregator Agents cluster matched strings passed by Corellators

Other agents can operate on strings, deletion etc.

Nerve Band

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