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Amoeba Standalone Client in Operation

NerveScript in Operation
in Amoeba Standalone Client

NerveScript in Operation in Amoeba

Nerve Band
The NerveScript Packaged for Amoeba
%%FileIs=AoP_World: 1.0
%%WorldDescription=First World to test AoP Concepts: Amoeba
%%WorldCreator=Bruce Damer Esq.
%%WorldCreationDate=March 29, 1995, updated June 24, 1995

%Environment Map

%Resources FuncLib=AoPBase.dll; FlicStor=AoPFlic1.res;
% Mesages in encoding
% Messages from Environment (Operating System) and RGB color assignment Message: mtimer=WM_TIMER, 255, 0, 0; Message: mmove=WM_MOUSEMOVE, 0, 255, 0; % Not handled: Message: mposn=WM_MOUSEPOSN, 128, 0, 128; Message: keys=WM_KEYSTROKE, 128, 128, 128; Message: mclickld=WM_MOUSE_LBUTTONDN, 0, 0, 255; Message: mclicklu=WM_MOUSE_LBUTTONUP, 128, 0, 128;
% Custom messages Message: nearness=CUSTOM1; % Produces by Nearness Detector Message: paint=CUSTOM2; % Produces by Posn Update function
% Functional Objects in encoding Func: Nearness_Detector; Func: Posn_Update; Func: Repaint_Posn;
% Remainder of objects are POOLS
% World Design encoding and Incorporated Designs
% All messages enter PROTOWORLD -POOL1=mmove-POOL2A; POOL1=mmove,mtimer-POOL2; POOL2=mmove-POOL3A; POOL2-mmove,mtimer-POOL3; POOL3=mmove-POOL4A; POOL3=mmove,mtimer-POOL4; POOL4=mmove-POOL5A; POOL4=mmove,mtimer-POOL5; POOL5=mmove-POOL6A; POOL5=POOL6; POOL6-mmove-Posn_Update; POOL6=POOL61; POOL6=POOL62; POOL6=POOL63; POOL63-Posn_Update; POOL6=POOL64; %POOL6=POOL65;
-POOLX=mmove-POOLY1; POOLX-mmove,mtimer-POOLY; POOLY=mmove-POOLZ1; POOLY-mmove,mtimer-POOLAA; POOLAA=mmove-POOLAA1; POOLAA-mmove,mtimer-POOLBB; POOLBB=mmove-POOLBB1; POOLBB-mmove,mtimer-POOLCC; POOLCC=mmove-POOLCC1; POOLCC-POOLDD; POOLDD-Posn_Update;
% Load any encoding subsets (designs) Designs="Swimmer1.des";
%%End world

Nerve Band

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