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Sample AmoebaScript #1

%%FileIs=AoP_Design: 1.0
%%Name=Message Swimmer;
%%Description=This "Message Swimmer" ingests messages from the Windows
environment and 'digests' them, producing varying responses.;
%%Creator=Bruce Damer, Esq.;
%%CreationDate=March 29, 1995;

%%Comment=the swimmer takes all messages from the outside into its 'gut' from which various
counters test and count the messages, without removing them from the gut. The counters 
perform some display and filtering, sending new messages onto the 'countpool'. The 
'count checker' then uses the tokens from the various counters to send another type of message 
back to the 'gut'. This new message will turn on the 'message shunter' which will remove
all messages from the swimmer gut, halting the accumulation.

-swimmer gut>mtimer-timecounter-countpool;
swimmer gut>mmove-movecounter-countpool;
swimmer gut>keys-keycounter-countpool;
swimmer gut-message shunter;
swimmer gut>mclick1-clickcounter-countpool-countcheck-swimmer gut-;

timecounter=func:1,count-aopbase, func:up, blue,uibar-aopbase;
message shunter=func:messagetrash-aop;

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