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A special event, A Virtual Party with Noel Paul Stookey was held in DigitalSpace Traveler on April 1, 2004 (no, it wasn't an April fool's joke folks ;-). This was in honor of the launch of Noel's new album of the same name (Virtual Party). A great time was had by all and we will be bringing you movies of the event as well as more writing soon. See some screen shots provided by Noel below. The original Virtual Party pages with entry into the Traveler worlds for VP are at and Sally Farr's pages on the in-person Virtual Party are here . Catch the lyrics for Noel's original Virtual Party here.

See screen shots of the Virtual Party in Traveler below

The Virtual Party Album is loaded with live recordings of nps comedy routines from his solo performances at Peter, Paul and Mary concerts over the years and features four 'just for the CD' tunes* recorded in a studio with the original PaulAnd band.

Magazines: A Literal Punchbowl

Virtual Party

High Tech Contact

The Asparagus

Significant SFX

Digital Frame of Mind

Mexican Office Party New Mexico Golf

House Husbanding


Parallel Universe

The Parish House

The Crumbling Mind Syndrome

Let's Go To the Stars

Review of Virtual Party by Jim Newsom of Portfolio Weekly
With Virtual Party, Noel Paul Stookey cooks up his own variety show, sprinkling four new songs amidst a batch of hilarious tales recorded in live performance over the last twenty years. Topics that Stookey looks at with his slightly off-kilter sense of humor range from the olfactory attributes of the asparagus, driving a U-Haul truck and making small talk at parties, to imaginary golf and “The Crumbling Mind Syndrome.” The gentleness of his humor reminds me of Bill Cosby’s classic records of the ‘60s with its family-friendly lack of profanity and its intelligence nestled comfortably amidst the laughs.

The new musical material is not what you’d expect from a folk icon---the reggae rhythm of “Virtual Party,” the straightahead rock of “Digital Frame of Mind,” the Pink Floyd-like “Parallel Universe” and the country rock setting for “Let’s Go to the Stars.” But Noel Paul Stookey has never been your standard issue folkie. In fact, he’s quite the internet savvy modern man. The title of this CD comes from a website he concocted for netsurfers from all over the world to get together, interact, and move around in a virtual cybersetting (, and he’s fascinated by, and attuned to, the latest in technology.
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