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Oct 25-28, 2005: was the Lunar Exploration Conference, Houston, organized by the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), the Space Resources Roundtable, and the Lunar and Planetary Institute. DigitalSpace presented the following paper: Damer B. Rasmussen D. Newman P. Blair B. Duke M. King R. Muff T. Shirley M. Shen W-M., Design Simulation of Lunar Exploration and ISRU Prototype Vehicles and Mission Scenarios (PDF). DigitalSpace also presented the following poster session: Damer B. Rasmussen D. Newman P. Blair B. Cochrane T. Kohut J. Head J., Mission Visualization for Precursor Lunar Telerobotic Base Preparation (PDF). Also see our work on the Lunar Bucket Wheel Excavator simulation and the Telerobotic Base Preparation on our website. You can see our photos and slides and MP3 recordings of talks at this conference (as well as a visit to NASA Johnson Space Center) here.

October 7-10 2005: The Institute of Ecotechnics held its 29th annual conference at the Synergia Ranch Retreat & Conference Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented a session on "The Technics of Virtual Space and Communities" (simulation and virtual reality). You can see our photos, MP3 recordings, powerpoint slides and more from this conference here.

Jul 31-Aug 4 2005: SIGGRAPH 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

May 10, 2005: DM3D Studios and Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented a special session at Australia National Manufacturing Week 2005 conference and exposition in Melbourne. Topics to be covered will include the use of virtual environments for the design of complex industrial systems including space vehicles. The work of DM3DS/DigitalSpace was on display in the Centre for New Manufacturing Swinburne Virtual Reality Theatre at the Nano Technology Court at the Austech 2005 portion of Manufacturing Week. See photos of this presentation, the virtual reality pavilion and Bruce Damer's visit to DM3D Studios here

April 20-22, 2005: Was the kick-off meeting at Colorado School of Mines for the Dust Mitigation ECP project. DigitalSpace will be providing modeling and simulation for this project in FY 2006. The Center for Commercial Applications of Combustion in Space will be participating along with many other partners such as Caterpillar, Inc.

April 19-21, 2005: Bernard Farkin of DigitalSpace presented a poster session title "Virtual Human Spaceflight: Enabling Technologies and Mission Concepts" at the Trends in Space Science and Cosmic Vision 2020 conference at ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

March 18-20, 2005: The annual CONTACT conference featured the theme "Science in Literature, Literature in Science". CONTACT was held at the NASA Ames Research Center Conference Center. Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented a program on Saturday March 19th titled: "NASA Exploration Initiative Updates" in which Bruce reviewed how NASA and its community see vehicles, mission and time lines for the new Moon/Mars exploration initiative contrasted to private efforts like the Ansari X-Prize and Scaled Composites' SpaceShipOne. Bruce also reviewed the Contact Consortium's group and its new initiative Darwin@Home. See Bruce Damer's presentation Approaches to Space in HTML (with movie files) or the Powerpoint version here (missing movie files). See pictures of the conference here.

Jan-Feb 2005: DigitalSpace worked with with Raytheon to show a new vision for space exploration at the 1st Space Exploration Conference, Orlando FL, Jan 31-Feb 1, 2005. See the photos of us in the Raytheon booth at the conference.

Jan 12, 2005: Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented Virtual worlds beyond games: From your street corner to the dunes of Mars & Announcement of Darwin@Home at the University of Southern California School of Cinema/TV Interactive Media Division.

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