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AVATARS 2004: AvaMars Design Competition. Fantastic 3D Visions of Mars Past and Future

Entries were shown at CONTACT 2004, March 12-14, at NASA Ames Research Center. See the Competition and Conference homepage

CONTACT, March 12-14, 2004

Cyberspace meets Outerspace: Visiting Mars (Virtually)" and Avatars 2004

This year at CONTACT, the Contact Consortium and DigitalSpace hosted the Avatars cyber event Avatars2004.. AvaMars! in the new Adobe Atmosphere web-based virtual worlds platform. The Avatars conference is in its eighth year and the sixth held as an online virtual event. AvaMars will present 3D renditions of Mars Exploration Rover terrains, traverses and vehicles which have been produced with publicly available mission data. Details of our participation and special session here, and see our gallery of images from the conference here
Visit DriveOnMars to experience some of what to expect at AvaMars!

March-April 2004: Bruce Damer presented two sessions at the NASA Virtual Iron Bird conference . On the first day (March 31, 2004) the presentation was titled A review of Virtual Worlds projects at NASA Ames carried out by DigitalSpace, RIACS and other partners (find powerpoint version here). On April 2, 2004 Damer presented the second session Data-Driven Virtual Environment Assembly and Operation (find powerpoint version here) and find the published paper here.

April 1, 2004: was "A Virtual Party", a special event held in Traveler in honor of Noel Paul Stookey's new album "Virtual Party", hosted by DigitalSpace and a great group of Traveler citizens.

August 8-12, 2004: was Siggraph 2004 is Los Angeles, California.

August 14-22, 2004: was ISEA2004, the 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art, held in three Baltic countries.

Nov 18-20, 2004: was CW2004: 2004 International Conference on Cyberworlds held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Dec 3-5, 2004: Was Travatars2004, DigitalSpace and the Contact Consortium's annual Avatars event specially held by and for the members of the Traveler community.

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