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January 3-5, 2003: was Avatars2002 a merry cyber party, a cybercelebration in Middle Earth on three platforms.

January 7-8, 2003: Bruce Damer participated in a special brainstorming session on energy security and strategy in Washington, DC for the Arlington Institute and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OSD). See his presentation on simulation of energy power production including windfarms at this page.

January 22, 2003: Bruce Damer presented the "Drive On Mars" initiative at the Athena Mission team meeting at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California (this meeting was closed to the public).

January 23, 2003: Bruce Damer presented the Creative Commons license and virtual worlds topics for Brenda Laurel's class at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California.

February 13-18, 2003: was ARCO 2003 in Madrid, Spain where Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt presented a session on new forms of interactivity hosted by Dr. Kim Veltman

March 4-8, 2003: was the Computer Game Developer's Conference in San Jose California.

March 11, 2003: Bruce Damer presented a special session on Virtual worlds as a public commons and the code of this commons to Lawrence Lessig and Julian Dibbell's class at Stanford Law School.

March 12, 2003: Bruce Damer presented on Human Connection Technologies and Design, A New Curriculum Opportunity to a visiting delegation from Singapore (NTU and MDA) at the Berkeley Institute of Design on the UC Berkeley campus.

March 21-23, 2003: was CONTACT 2003 at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field California where the Contact Consortium presented to the annual special session. This year's theme is Art and Science: Visions of Exploration, with keynote speaker Dr. William K. Hartmann.

April 15, 2003: DigitalSpace and Adobe Launch Atmospherians and the Atmosphere Directory

April 23, 2003: DigitalSpace, Simon Fraser University, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Adobe work together to produce RATAVA'S LINE, a global cyber-fashion event

June 6-8, 2003: was PlaNetwork, Networking a Sustainable Future, San Francisco California. The Commons presented a joint session on "Ecoworlds" with Contact Consortium board member Bonnie DeVarco as well as launching an initiative to provide its tools (TalkSpace and MeetingPage) to organizations for the creation of a free speech network

June 16-17, 2003: Virtual Communities Conference in London

July 2-8, 2003: was Consciousness Reframed 2003 at the University of Plymouth, England, and the University of Wales College, Newport, Wales.

July 27-31, 2003: was SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego California. See the DigitalSpace team at Siggraph 2003 on our photo album pages

October 27-28, 2003: The Interactive Media Forum: Identity & Cultures in Cyberspace. Miami University's Center for Interactive Media Studies hosted its fourth annual conference on , 2003. Check out the conference description and our Call for Papers

December 3-5, 2003: Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt of the DigitalSpace Commons presented "From Macys to Mars, Virtual Environments in Vertical Applications" and "Dancing In Cyberworlds: Real Medicine, Realtime Art" at the 2003 International Conference on Cyberworlds in Singapore.

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