Maja Trkulja: Humans Versus Machines

We are living in a century in which technology is developing more then ever before. Machines are playing some of the most important roles in our society and lives. They are surrounding us, and, soon, we may not realize it, but machines might substitute for humans. This could be an inevitable situation whose outcome is in our hands. We are all involved in changes that are happening around us. I decided to express my feelings and thoughts about this through fashion design. I used high-tech fabrics to represent the rapidly developing technology; the cool-gray and shiny metallic fabrics represent machines. The most important thing that is dividing us from artificial intelligence is a human heart, which is still not replaceable. I used the color red to show the human aspect. It represents blood, the most important substance for our existence. I united machines and humans by combining them into one outfit so they can work harmoniously together.